101 Things

A few hours ago I read a blog post written by the wonderful Amber about her “101 Things” and she challenged every reader to do the same. So here are coming “101 Things” about: ME ๐Ÿ˜€

  1. Since 1 week I am 29 years old
  2. I love my black glasses
  3. When I leave home to run some errands or any other stuff .I always have my MP3 Player with me
  4. I am a Christian and I love God
  5. I have a twin-sister
  6. I love the Beach
  7. I am such a Summer Girl
  8. I am such a fan of theย  Asics Onitsuka Tiger I have had 5 Pairs of them already.:D
  9. I love Books&I can’t be anywhere without having one in my Backpack
  10. I don’t drink any alcohol
  11. I don’t smoke
  12. I love surprising people
  13. I am a huge fan of British Things
  14. When I go anywhere I need to make sure I have at least 1 Pack of Chewing-Gums in my bag
  15. I miss the days when I used to dance Ballet
  16. I would love to have Italian Greyhound
  17. When I hear music I always start to count the 8s (As a Dancer-the moves are remote on the 8s)
  18. I am romantic and I love Jane Austen Books
  19. I feel so much alive when I am on vacation or simply stand on a train station or Airport
  20. I love seeing myself on pictures
  21. I can spend Hours in Bookshops
  22. I want to grow my own veggies someday
  23. I serve with Church Online and that’s the best thing that had happen to me this year
  24. I have fear of heights
  25. I am a Godmother and I love my sweet (1 year old) Godchild
  26. I love the fact that I have dark brown,well almost black hair and blue eyes
  27. I am a very slow eater
  28. In cinema I wait until the lights go on again after the movie
  29. I hate go shopping for clothes. Pure Stress
  30. I am allergic to cats but not to all
  31. In the kitchen I am the Chef
  32. Like trying all sorts of new recipes
  33. Music has a huge impact in my Life
  34. I have asthma. Thanks Nature! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  35. I love Soundtracks
  36. I have such a sweet tooth
  37. I am such a breakfast Girl
  38. I am a huge fan of Socialmedia
  39. I need to read before sleeping
  40. I can stand on one leg for hours
  41. I am scared of any Horror movies so I don’t watch them
  42. I often can’t keep my mouth shut if I watch a TV show or stuff. But only when I am at home;)
  43. I cant stand if people get to close
  44. I had a (tooth) brace as I was a Teen but only for the nights
  45. If I recognize people staring at me I simply stare back until they look into an other direction
  46. I am a knower of Random Facts.
  47. I am together with my Mister for 6,5 years now
  48. I don’t want to have Kids
  49. I love concerts but I don’t enter festivals
  50. I am a huge fan of Jeans
  51. I love to play Tridomino / Triomino
  52. My fave fruits are Grapes, Apples,Mango& Strawberries
  53. I love Camping
  54. Sandwiches are the best
  55. I tend to fancy Manga’s since a few moths
  56. I have never broken myself a bone
  57. All my friends live too far away from me too see them often ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  58. Seeing movies in cinema is the best
  59. I tend to do all sorts of things whilst talking on the phone
  60. I love Pasta
  61. I am always in time
  62. I get grumpy when I am hungry and that can be evil than! ๐Ÿ˜€
  63. Living in my own house some day would be amazing
  64. Everyone in our family lives so far away
  65. As I was a child I only used plural if I described a situation. Thanks to the fact that I am a Twin.
  66. I don’t like spiced food at all
  67. New things and situations tend to scare me
  68. When I am angry or hurt I transform into a shell
  69. When I like a person or love this person I do everything to please them
  70. I like Irish, Scottish and Bluegrass music on cold winter eve’s
  71. I simply love the cartoon Jacob two two
  72. I cry when I am angry
  73. I don’t really have a favourite color
  74. Sometimes I wish I have lived in the British Regency era
  75. I don’t have plant in the apartment, because I aways forget to water them&the die
  76. As Kid I loved the tales by the Swedish Author Astrid Lindgren. Still love them!
  77. I don’t like nail varnish
  78. I simply love if Novels play in the United Kingdom
  79. I don’t tell other person’s secrets to third
  80. Encouraging people are the best
  81. I watch Rhythmic gymnastics Championships on TV
  82. I love to read Stories to Kids
  83. I played the “JUNO” Soundtrack at least 50 times ๐Ÿ™‚ Love it!!
  84. I am so shortsighted and sometimes it really gets on my nerves
  85. I would love to deliver my food from the local Store if it wasnt that expensive. It’s so awful to go food shopping every week!
  86. When I am board I bite my Lips
  87. When I am at McDonald’s I only eat Cheeseburger
  88. I love Gabriel Byrne
  89. Marzipan-filled Chocolate is what I like
  90. I get really angry if someone is treated unfair
  91. Would love to have a fireplace
  92. I like my Coffee with milk and sugar
  93. Stretching and Pilates help me to feel comfy again if I feel all to stiff
  94. I would love to travel as much as possible in my Life
  95. Joyce Meyer books are the most powerful I have ever read
  96. The movie, I like the most at the moment is Beatrix Potter
  97. I find Peanutbutter and Jelly Sandwiches are great Soul food
  98. I only promise things I can keep
  99. I got my first library pass as I wasย  eight years old
  100. Four yearsย  ago I had a hamster but unfortunately he died after only three moths ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  101. I find sitting at the seaside never gets boring

If you are reading this, I’m tagging you, so you have to do this too! ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “101 Things

  1. Kai Freundlich says:

    Wow…! Wow…! Wow…! what a nice idea. And such a wonderful writing u did, my dear! I am sure I am next to follow. Hugs, -kai-

  2. Andrew says:

    Ello Linn,

    Great idea and a good read.

    Hope your having a good day.

    All the best


    • Linn says:

      Thanks for passing by and commenting! ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to read YOUR 101Things soon! ^^ Have a good first Challange-Day! Sweet greets to the Isle!:)

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