My 3′ s

I have read one of Amber ‘s recent blog posts and I liked it very much that I thought that could be one of my next blog posts too.

Three Jobs I’ve had

1. Waitress

2. Kindergarten Teacher

3. Social Worker

Three Places I’ve Lived

1. Fulda

2. Lübeck

3. Kiel

Three Favorite Drinks

1. Snapple FruitPunch

2. Twining’ s Lady Gray Tea

3. Coffee Latte

Three TV Shows that I Watch

1. Lie to Me

2. Moonlight

3. True Blood (get the DVDs next week from a workmate of Kai’s)

Three Places I’ve Been

1. North Cape, Norway

2. Budapest, Hungary

3. Dublin, Ireland

Three of My Favorite Foods

1. All sorts of Bread

2. Pasta

3. Vegetables

Three Friends I think (hope) will respond

1. Amber

2. Andrew

3. Mike

Three of my favorite colors

1. Black

2. Blue

3. Grey

Three of my favorite types of candy

1. Reese’s

2. M&M’s (the ones with nuts inside)

2. Marzipan

Three Things I’m Looking Forward to

1. Spending Christmas with my whole large Family for the first time

2. Celebrating New Year’s Eve with my twin-sister her spouse and my Mister on an Isle in Norway

3. Getting my Drivers licence soon.

Three Things that are ALWAYS by My side

1. Smartphone

2. Calendar

3. Pack of airwaves cherry gums

Three Things in my car right now

1. As I am not allowed to drive my own car yet. I can’t answer that one.



Three Things I did Today

1. Sat in a meeting

2. Had an early Car Drive Lesson

3. Searched in a few flower shops for a nice and payable Advent wreath


6 thoughts on “My 3′ s

  1. mauvedeity says:

    Interesting list – if I get a chance I’ll do mine. Is it OK if I post a link here? Thanks.

    • Linn Graves says:

      Thank you for your comment!!:)
      That really means a lot!!:) I would love to read your “3’s” soon!!:)
      Yep, sure you can post a link from your blog!:) Will take a look when I have some time!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    Awesome list! My favourite section had to be the places you’ve visited, I would love to visit those places also.

    All the best


    • Linn Graves says:

      Danke Andrew!
      I soo hope you will get the chance to travel long and lots soon. Its so joyful and it is such a mind-opener!:)
      All the best my friend& Thank you for your comment!! xx

  3. Amber says:

    Hi Linn! I’m so happy you did this! It is just a fun way to learn a bit more about other people. 🙂

    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Amber, agree this is a great and fun way to read about what a person is up to!!:) Glad you had it on your blog so I can jump on it too!!:) Thank you for your comment dear.Always enjoy reading them. xx

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