Hello 2011!!!!

Hello NEW YEAR.You are already 8 days old but I still catch myself thinking about all the things that happened in and around Christmas. During my holiday.

Seeing my whole family, spending peaceful (no fights at all!!! :) ) time with them and having a jolly good time eating great food and explore new things. This was truly a great season and I do go so far to say that its going to be one of the best Christmas to keep in my memories. Yes, sure it was really really stressful at times as me and Kai celebrated Christmas with my family and also with his and between those locations we had to drive around 500km.

We also spent 6 days on an norwegian Isle called Foldøy, which was a dream. Days full of peace and quietness. surrounded by water, snow and ice. That really helped me a lot to focus on my inner voice. Find balance again.

Welcoming this fresh new year on a snowy and pure island was such a rare gift that I am truly thankful for this chance.Which brings me to a great inspiration:

For the first time ever I will choose a special word for this new year. Inspired by two of my fave blogger, who also have chosen a special word Amber Schmitts Word of the Year and Andrew\’s Word of the Year

I picked the word develop. Its simply perfect for me as I plan to develop myself…This year I want to develop new skills, I want to learn new things. Things that are completely new for me. As I am still pretty new in my Job (this month is going to be my third) I want to develop my own professional skills, getting better….

I am pretty sure my Word Of the Year is going to let me develop to a person that has a whole new and an enlarged view of all things and a completely new understanding. I hope by choosing this word and keep focused on developing myself in every thinkable direction I will be grown a lot by the end of this YEAR OF 2011. Which would be more than great as a new Chapter is about to start in August 23rd. As I turn 30 then. :)

Feel free to comment if you like.


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4 thoughts on “Hello 2011!!!!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    The amount of time you and Kai spent traveling over Christmas was amazing. All those miles and time, even different countries, simply amazing. It is wonderful you had a good time and those Norway photos are stunning.

    I can’t believe you’ve been in your job three months already!! How time flies or being geeky…tempus fugit! I think it is awesome that you support others and enjoy reading about your support work.

    Develop is a great word of the year and I’m glad you’ve chosen one. I wish you all the best for 2011.

    All the best


  2. Linn Graves says:

    My dearest dearest Andrew,
    thank you so much for your lovely words. Always keen to see what your comment is going to be like after I write a post. 🙂
    LoL! Being geeky is allowed here! 🙂 Thank you so much for wishing me well for 2011. 🙂 The same for you, Mister Emmett!

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