On a Winter’s Night

I love to listen to music full of atmosphere.  Music, which really brings my soul to fill up with joy. Music, that makes me sit back in a lovely armchair or let me curl up under a duvet on my fave spot on the sofa.

At the moment I love to listen to Royal Wood. I love his gentle voice and his meaningful lyrics. But I also like listen to Adele‘s new album “21” or one of the old ones by Runrig. These are moments, when I actually do enjoy a cold Winter night, even tough I am a summer adoring person.

On such a Winter’s Night the warmth doesn’t come from the sun nor the outside, rather from the small things like your favourite sort of Tea or a creamy and delightful hot Chocolate. The warmth comes from the love you feel inside yourself for friends, family,  the people who become companions via social networks or the stranger, who smiled at you on the street.

I belive it really are the small things, the important things, which keep you warm on the inside no matter if it is freezing cold outside.

And it is simple to feel that way: You basically decide for yourself to be filled up with this small things that makes you feel warm. (YES, really easy-I told you)

This could be a hot bubble bath or a long conversation with your bestie. Maybe you watch your favourite movie for the 122nd time or bake the cookies, which taste so much like childhood. You get lost in the book you adore so much where you know every person, every tree and twist and where you feel home between those lines.

It is your decision to give power to the small delights, cause what ever it is that fills you up with joy, love and warmth KEEP it. Let it allow you to feel warm on a Winter’s Night.

What is it that keeps you warm these days?? I would love to know.


(P.S. I dont own this picture)


6 thoughts on “On a Winter’s Night

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    What a beautiful photo! This blog post is your best every! Well written, thought provoking, insightful and just darn great!

    I think lots keep me warm these days. This post has made me consider them more. Right it is twenty-five to one in the morning, so I better think about getting some sleep!

    Looking forward to your next post.

    All the best


  2. Linn says:

    Hi Andrew,
    this comment from you feels really like an accolade for me:) I am so glad you like my post. I had really a rush of writing the other night and to admit: I love this post.:) I will focus more on writing on pen&paper first as thats when I am feeling more creativ and my thoughts flow instead of sitting infron of my PC.
    You are really a night owl-hope you got some sleep. Busy times for you these days-please have enough breaks between working&take good care for yourself. Dont want to get sick because of all the work!

  3. Janet says:

    Linn my dear, I think you are like my long lost sister :). You have such a way with words that I can just visualize everything you say! I agree 100 % with what you posted. Music is a wonderful way to relax and sometimes it just takes a great song on a bad day to relax me and make me forget all that had gone wrong. I can say the same from the love I feel from my friends and loved ones, drinking my favorite tea, curled up with a warm blanket or snuggling with my honey! Another great blog from a great person! xox

  4. Amber says:

    Linn, you have such a way with words. I wish I had that style of writing. I just love it. 🙂

    I relax all of those ways, but I think my favorite way to relax is a nice, long, hot bubble bath and reading a book while soaking. Heavenly. 🙂

  5. Linn says:

    Hello Janet and Amber,
    you Girls are really amazing! Thank you so much for your comments-they really really mean a lot to me.Glad you liked my way of writing, once in a while when I am in a specific mood I, when the words WANT to get out of me..than such a posts happen!:)
    Oh yes..I love a hot bubble bath too but I am way to afraid to take a book with me-sometimes I am way to clumsy and I dropped a magazine and that wasnt fun…to afraid to try it with a book-lol!But if its great for you–enjoy it Amber. Do you have a special “Bath-Book” or do you continue what you are already reading??
    Glad that you love the power of the music too Janet.Isnt it just magical how a song can CHANGE EVERYTHING?!:) brilliant!! (:
    Love you Girls& I am so glad you are in my life!!!

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