Catching Breath

The last weeks went by crazy fast and I hadn’t had the time to blog or focus on other things properly. That includes writing and reading other friends blogs and leave a comment there or simply write back emails. I am sorry for those who waited too long already. In fact the weeks were too stressful that I got sick because of the full packed schedule.

That was something new for me to feel that my lifestyle made me sick. You know me: I don’t smoke or either drink alcohol. I eat well-balanced without Fast Food. I got sick and felt exhausted to the bones because (among others) I had so much going on at work. After all- I am still a Newbie (5 months in my job now) and things are still not routine for me. Its getting better from day-to-day but I think you know what I mean?! Also a huge point, which really caused me stress was that someone at work started flirting heavily with me. Over weeks and he still does but thanks to some great advises and coaching from my fave workmate I can now handle things better.

In January I made the decision to choose a word for this (You can read the full article here -> hello-2011 ) year of 2011, which is DEVELOPE and made this number 1 in most  my decisions. Part of choosing this word was that I entered a few classes ( Read the full article here ) Ballet, Patchwork/ Quilting and NIA. I was excited to try things I have never done before like to start sewing or to reactivate a life long passion: Ballet.

I was happy and excited but as the weeks went by it got more and more difficult as I thought. All the excitement went and there was only tenseness and frazzle. I missed appointments, which I am always correct at. I felt tiered at work and grumpy. It was a struggle to still be nice even though I felt rubbish. I screwed up at Driving school and because of all this I felt utterly unhappy. I even got sickness symptoms, which made me realize I am doing something not right at all. The weekend me and Kai spent at the Baltic Sea made me realize that I need to take healthier decisions. Decisions, which make me and my life feel good again.

I cut back Patchwork/ Quilting Class. I really enjoyed it but I felt that this class takes so much energy and time. After all I am a sewing Greenhorn and maybe this class was too advanced for me to start. To spent 2 h sewing after work (7pm until 9pm) not the best idea either. During the few times I went to the sewing Class I really had fun creating something with my own hands. All the cute fabrics..It defenetaly made me want to have my own sewing machine and make things at home. A must when things are “quieter”. I kept Ballet Class, because this is something I know. Nothing I start from the beginning. Its relaxing and fun and whats the best- its at the weekends!

I am feeling slightly better these days. I am sure the energy will come back soon, but I have learned my lesson well!!! I need to focus more on my own health and regular times for feet up and relaxing.


(I dont own this picture)

(I dont own this picture)



2 thoughts on “Catching Breath

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    I hope you are getting plenty of feet up time and rest. Glad you are feeling better and I know how you like the sun, so soon it will be warmer and hopefully that helps you also. 🙂

    All the best


    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Andrew,
      I still struggle with stress at the moment but I try really hard to get a routine in relaxing times and stuff. Thats harder than I thought! True-I am SUCH a summer person and everythings easier and happier -for me- when its sunny and warm. 🙂
      So… like in that song “Things can only get better..” 😀

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