March Recipe Share

Wow, this month went by so fast, I can hardly belive that we already have April. This month I really had a hard time- in fact not enough time to cook or bake properly. I somehow managed to try three new recipes. Here they are:

A few of you know that I am a huge Lie to me fan. I simply love the actors, their relationships and the science behind it. In the first episode Gillian Foster had an Orange Slushy and I got so curious that I freaking wanted to try one too. Here is a video in which you see Gilian Foster sipping it at the beginning (Big white sipping thingy).  evenfromfrance-junk-series-cal-and-gillian (Thank you Vanessa for sharing this vid with me) As they don’t sell any here in Germany I needed to find a different way. My Austrian friend Sonja who is a huge Lie To Me fan too shared this recipe with me and I really loved it:

Orange Slushie

You need:

300 ml Orange juice

A few Orange filets if you like

100 ml Milk

4-6 tbsp Sugar

6-8 Ice cubes

Vanilla extract

Put everything in a shaker and let is stir until it is creamy. Put the ice cubes in your fave glass, decorate your glass with a slice of orange and ENJOY! :=)

The second recipe I got from this site Picky Palate It looked soo yummy and as I love Peanut Butter I thought “Now THIS ONE is for ME”.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Monkey Bread

For the recipe details please follow the link. 🙂

I was so excited to try it as it sound to be easy and tasty. Well, I have to admit, that I was highly disappointed. 😦 All you tasted was SWEET and the taste of Butter. All the Peanut and Jelly- NOTHING 😦  So, I can’t recommend this dish-unfortunately.

The last recipe I tried was a Swedish Cheese Cake (Ostkaka)

For the dough:

170 g wholemeal

4 tbsp

1 tbsp Whiskey or Cognac

1 Eg

1 pinch of Salt

possibly 1 tbsp Milk

Prepare a dough out of these items and put it into the fridge to cool while you prepare the filling.


650 g curd-cheese

100 g Sugar

3 small eggs (or 2 big ones)

1 tbsp Whiskey or Cognac

3 tbsp Honey

2 tbsp sifted flour

1 pinch of baking soda

Mix everything together and put a side. Cover a spring- form pan with aluminium foil. Then get the dough out of the fridge and squeeze the dough into the spring- form pan.  Put it at the edge of the  spring- form pan and press up like 3cm. Put the Filling on top of the dough and into the preheated oven 175°C (347 Fahrenheit) (Gas mark 4) 45 min.

Et voilà. Finished and suuuper yummy. Love the creamy texture. Fruit sauce would go very well with that cake too. Will try that next time but for now I will enjoy it as perfect as it is. Can highly recommend this recipe!!!:=)

That is it. See you next month when its time for another Post of RECIPE SHARE. 🙂

If you tried one of the recipes-TELL ME. If you want ME to try YOUR FAVE RECIPE-tell ME!!!!:D



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4 thoughts on “March Recipe Share

  1. beckysefton says:

    the Swedish cheesecake looks scrummy!

  2. Minna says:

    I didn’t know you have a blog! Very nice. 🙂 Your recipes look so good. For example this peanut butter… thing here. 🙂

    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Minna,
      I write a blog since about 1 year.:) Glad you like it!!!
      Thank you very much for taking some time to browse through the recipes. 🙂
      Have fun trying some of them!!

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