(New Post) Primavera- Or hurray its Spring!!!

I don’t know if you recognized it. (Hehe, I am SURE YOU DID!!)  The snow has melted away some time ago. The sun is out more often and it slowly getting warmer. The air is mild and it all of a sudden has a smell, which wasnt there before.

Early mornings  there is an almost forgotten sound. The Birds are back, in love and ready to build a Nest. These mornings outside are cheerful and energetic and at the same time so gentle and lovely as the air, which touches your skin.

Inhale and exhale and you feel the joy rising in you! With every sparkle of sun dancing on your face  your smile is getting bigger. You feel the urge of movement. You feel alive again! It is like your whole body slept during the winter and is now kissed awake by Spring.

I so missed the sun and the feeling of warmth and heat on my skin. I missed seeing all the colors. The fresh green grass, the early blossoms of white and pink and then ALL these Flowers!!! Between the grass and in every corner you can see all those planted delights in yellow, purple, rosa, red….All these colors are usual but after a long winter white almost no colors they seem richer and brighter. Dont you agree?!

I love sitting on the bench on our balcony. Kept warm by a blanket and accompanied by a mug full of tea or Coffee and a great book. It’s like a holiday to spent the whole afternoon like this. It’s so refreshing to inhale all the fantastic mild air. So soothing. Now that the days are longer again I try to spend as much time outside as I can. Going out for a walk or decide to not take the bus back home instead of walking. I relax on the balcony or let the windows open as much as I can.

How do you welcome Spring? Do you clean like mental (like our moms and grannies used to did) or put everything back into place? Do you maybe have a garden and get busy and spent time preparing him? Do you maybe try recipes or dishes, which you only prepare during Spring time??

Tell me. I would love to know.



P.S. But wait! There is a tinsy bit I DONT like about Spring. I am allergic to all those cute lil blossoms on the trees and the grass…so from now on I am on meds again. Boo. I dont blame Spring…its just like it is. Right?!

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3 thoughts on “(New Post) Primavera- Or hurray its Spring!!!

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    Love your passion for Spring, especially as a book is often involved! 😉 It is great you find your balcony so rewarding. We used to have a balcony back in Winchester, but it was too small and all I seemed to do was battle for control of it against pigeons!

    Another great post.

    All the best


    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Andrew,
      thank you so much for taking your time to comment on my Spring blog. 😀 Agreed a nice and big balcony is the best if you live in a flat. LoL! Poor Sarah& Andrew. Fighting against the bloody pigeons really isnt fun. I can imagine who won!;)
      Thanks again Andrew, that really means a lot!

      • Andrew says:

        Hi Linn,

        The balcony wars were a nightmare! We even brought a small statue of a cat, but they tried to nest between the statue and the wooden edge of the balcony.

        We found a detergent that smelled of scottish thistle or similar put them off using it.

        It was nice to go onto the balcony on new years eve and watch fireworks light up the sky over the cathedral, but other than that we never used it and it was far too small for seating. 😦

        I hope you are having a great day and had time to enjoy your balcony.

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