(New Post) Whats in your mug today?

Andrew a wonderful friend of mine is back after a blogging holiday. I am so happy that he is, cause I love to read his fine and humorous blog posts. So welcome back my friend!!:)

Maybe you ask yourself why is she going to tell us about that? Well, here comes the answer. Andrew wrote a post about whats in his mug daily and asked the reader about their favourite drinks. I decide to write a post about it instead of writing a comment.

So here comes my answer about what is in my mug today!!:)

To be honest. I can’t decide what I love more. I love drinking Coffee and Tea and there wouldn’t be a happy Linn out there if there wasnt enough Tea or Coffee.

Years back I had a Senseo Pad Machine. Well, that’s how I started drinking Coffee. It was a beginning but after the weeks went by I wasnt happy with the flavour at all. So I searched for something different. Some months passed and I found the old Grandma method. Using a Melitta coffee filter. That went pretty well and the taste was way better than from the Senseo.

Two years ago me and my Mister thought of trying to prepare our own Latte at home. So we bought us an Italian Espresso Can and some Italiano already grounded Espresso. That was good and really really tasty. We always had the Lavazza Coffee but then somehow we weren’t happy with the quality anymore. It really isn’t fun when you smell a huge acid flavour in your coffee. Bleurgh.

So there wasnt a chance that we got back to Lavazza again. We thought about certified Coffee and alternatives….to make a long story short. We bought our own small coffee grinder and fair trade coffee. Now we really are happy bunnys cause our Coffee tastes as it should taste. Not because its fair trade, well maybe 😉 but I think the key is grinding your own coffee before using. The smell is amazing and the taste….

I will leave you with that!:)

Now here comes the TEA part. I loved drinking Rooibos Tea Vanilla or Caramel flavour for years nothing else but that.  I was happy and fine with that. As I joined Twitter I heard a lot about Twinings  so I bought a box of Lady Grey Tea and felt in Love with this fine flavour. I never thought I would love black tea. I used to find the flavour too bitter for my taste but thanks to Twinings I adore it. Last weekend we got us two new boxes of  Twinings Tea. Green Tea and Fruit flavoured Black tea. Also some sort of Tea I never liked before but I am now trying.

I use to drink these Teas with honey and a bit of Lemon. Very tasty! Thanks to my wonderful Cate I got a fan of strong black tea as well. She sent me a box of

I simply love that Tea!! Thanks again for it honey!!:) I drink it with Milk and Sugar and its amazing. Really good. Someday I want to explore the Twinigs and Whittard Stores in UK and try so much more lovely Teas. :))

But now to YOU. Whats IN YOUR MUG  today? Write a blog post or leave a comment. 🙂 I would  love to know.



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4 thoughts on “(New Post) Whats in your mug today?

  1. I have been drinking a mix of rooibos and rose petal for the last few days. So good. I drink tea everyday and loves mixing two bags in one cup. I have like 20 different boxes in my cabinet right now.

    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Abby!:)
      Thank you for your comment dear.Your choice of tea sounds great. Never drank rose petal at all but it sounds so nice!:) Never thought of mixing two different bags into one muggie but I surly try that!:)
      Thank you again Girl and have a great day!!!

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    All this talk of tea and I feel like a cuppa! Just as well I’ve got one stewing right now. 😉

    I think it is awesome you also wrote about your tea and coffee passions. It is great you like a variety of tea, so many people stick to just one.

    English Breakfast is fantastic!

    Strong coffee and strong black teas are my favourite types, but it is awesome you enjoy a wide variety and continue to try new types.

    Great post.

    All the best


    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Andrew,
      thank you mucho grande for your comment. I HAD to write a post about drinking habits. It was fun and it is great that you brought it up!!:D Totally agree!!! English Breakfast tea is the BEST for breakfast well and any other time of the day!!;)
      Yep, will always try new things!! Glad to have you back as blogger!!:)
      Big hug*Linn

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