(New Post) Day Trip to Berlin City

Today I want to tell you about the short trip to Germany’s Capital me and the lovely Mister made yesterday (15.-16. June 2011). But before we get things started I need you to get “in the grove” and whats the best to get into a Cities vibe than music?!! 😀 Here are two songs about Berlin. Enjoy!

First video is also from one of my fave bands.:)

And here comes the second video. Ready?? GO!=)

Okay lovely bunch now you are in the right mood for Berlin. 🙂 In the those two vids you had the chance to see also some sights of Germany’s Capital. Hope you liked it?!

Me and Kai road tripped to Berlin to see one of our favourite bands since years: SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!!:) They havent been in Germany for years and as we heard they would come to give one gig over here we knew..we have to GO no matter what! 🙂

We both took two days off from work and drive to Berlin early on Wednesday, 15. June. The distance between Hamburg and Berlin are 289km ( 179.57 miles) , which took us about 3 hours to ride. We already had a hotel room for the night so everything was really relaxed. After we checked in around noon, we strolled around the main shopping area called Kurfürstendamm or Ku’damm 😀

As the gig would start early, which means 7pm we havent had that much of time to go sightseeing or such. It’s not the first time we were there so it wasnt that much of a pity to don’t go seeing all the sights. We had a few shops we love to go, including a Quicksilver shop and of course the famous shopping mall KaDeWe.  The best about the shopping center is the food area. You can get EVERYTHING there. So many international brands from all sorts of Countries. flipping brilliant.

The weather in Berlin is always different from anywhere else in Germany. It was very warm and humid and strolling through those air-conditioned shops was really a relief but every now and then every shopping King&Queen needs a time out. We had our at Dolores-Berlin yummy burritos, which were really good.

It took us more than one hour through Berlin to get from the city center to the east of Berlin where the Open Air Stage Wuhlheide is. That was one exciting hour! The traffic in Berlin is MAD!!! No bicycle driveways like in Hamburg so everyone who has a bike drives as he likes on the street..cycling through the queueing cars…Parking is also very experimental in Berlin…park as you like would describe it perfectly.Dont bother that your action would cause a huge traffic….naah just GO FOR IT! 😉

We got there just in time to see the Opening act, which was Dredg .They were really good. Of course we all went mental as

System Of A Down  hit the stage around 8pm. The audience was mainly men and every now and then you saw a Girl.That was a bit unusual for me to but I didn’t mind at all. The vibe at the Open Air was amazing. Everyone was singing, dancing and rocking the mosh pit. It was the first time that I was in a Circle Pit. If you don’t know what that means -> take a look at this vid 😀  and it was freaking amazing!!! So much heat and energy. Totally blew my mind!!

Thanks to all the  youtubers out there I can show you a vid about yesterday evening rocking with System Of A Down in Berlin.

They played two hours exactly and after that we all looked like we had a shower. So sweaty and wet!! 😀 Our day ended as we drove back to the hotel along of the Bundestag (German parliament) the Brandenburger Tor and the embassies of different Countries.

I don’t need to mention that we just fell a sleep as we got back out of the shower. 😀

Day trips are great. For me they feel like pure adventure. So much to see in a little amount of time. Yes, it is super stressful and exhausting but always worth it! 😀


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4 thoughts on “(New Post) Day Trip to Berlin City

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    Awesome!!! Love your passion for music. This post rocked! \m/ O.O

    All the best


    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Andrew,
      thank you so much for your comment. 🙂
      Yes, I really really love music and concerts are amazing mainly Rock gigs!!:D
      Lovely greetings to you and thank you again for stopping by!

  2. Janet says:

    Hi Linn,

    It sounds like you had a great time. I really enjoy System of the Down. We love taking road trips here too! We are planning one here to go to Maine which is about a 5 hour drive to a really cool seafood restaurant that we saw on The Food Network.

    Thank you for sharing, I always enjoy reading your blog!

    Lots of hugs

    Janet ❤

    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Janet,
      thank you very much for taking some time to comment on my blog:) That really means a lot to me!
      Oh wow!! Your Roadtrip sounds awesome. I do hope you are going to take pictures and blog about it!!
      I soooo wanna read and see how it is to be in Maine and sit along the seaside eating yummy seafood!!:D
      A big hug to you and thank you for your comment
      ❤ Linn

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