(New Post) How to make your own Strawberry Jam

I love this season…everything grows. The smell of flowers in the air. The Winter is long gone and the first fruits and veggies start to grow on the fields and  in your own garden. This is a short, a precious time of the year.

What if you had the chance to bring some of the summer smell into the Winter?! This warm..summerous taste of sweet and heavy fruits that brings back all your summer memories??

Well, you can and it is really, really simple! 🙂 Make your own jam or marmalade. Do I hear…oh noo, that’s too much work? Or maybe. D’uhhh that’s way too difficult??!

What if I tell you that it really IS simple and it doesn’t take more than at least 45 minutes until you have your own homemade tasty Jelly in hands?! 🙂

Come along. I’ll show you:)  But to get in the mood…we need a “soundtrack”

What fits better than this old Beatles song?:)  Strawberry Fields Forever


For your own homemade Jelly you only need, gelling sugar (canning sugar) and glasses to preserve them in. THATS IT!:D

Step 1.

Before we get started we need some fresh glasses to preserve our homemade Jelly later. Be sure you wash them out with boiling water before using them.

Step 2.

Wash the fruits and cut them into pieces. Be sure you weigh out the whole gram of  fruits you need. Be exact on that! On the pack of my gelling sugar it says 1000 g  fruits for  500g Sugar.  So the proportion is 2:1 So more fruits than sugar.

Step 3.

I like my jam with a smooth texture so I mix all the fruits with a hand- held blender, but if you like to have your jam with strawberry pieces leave them in pieces.

Step 4.

Bring the sugar and the fruits together and stir well so that you wont have any globs. I use to add a bit of Vanilla extract to the strawberry sugar mass to give the Jam a bit of a richer flavour but that’s just me. You don’t need to do that.

Step 5.

Put your Strawberry-Sugar- Mix into a large pot and heat it on a middle temperature so it’s slowly going to boil. Be sure you keep stiring all the time.

Step 6.

If you see lots of bubbles rising and its boiling fast you take a look at your clock. The mass needs to boil exact 3 minutes on high temperatures while you stir all the time so that it wont get burned.

Step 7.

Pour your strawberry sugar Mix into your glasses but leave a bit of space above. Close with the lid.

Step 8.

This is something my Grandma told me. After you closed the filled glass turn it over. So that the glass stands on the lid. Leave it like this for a few hours. It helps the preservation but don’t ask me how…:D I just do as she told me and none of my jams went rotten in all the years that I make my own Jelly.:)

Step 9.

I know you are curious to try your own homemade jelly but leave it for a few days (3-4) so that the conservation is compleated after trying it for the first time.

Step 10.

My congrats if you followed me all to the end you will have your own homemade Jelly in hands. 🙂 Its going to put a smile on your face every time you eat it. See, it wasnt that complicated. 🙂 I knew you would do it!

So ENJOY and keep in mind that you have made your own product now. It’s all organic and you know exactly whats in it. Different from the Jam you buy in the Store. That is something that is important for me and this knowledge adds a little bonus to making your own Jam, I find.



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5 thoughts on “(New Post) How to make your own Strawberry Jam

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    I adore homemade jam! Far superior to shop brought jam. 🙂 Excellent that you’ve made your own.

    All the best


    • Linn Graves says:

      Hi Andrew,
      thank you very much for browsing by and leave a comment!:) Yes, indeed homemade jam is THE BEST!:D So tasty!!:) Hope you’ll try it someday??:)
      All the best*Linn

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  3. janetlee says:

    Hello Dearest Linn,

    I grew up on home made jams and jellies and this takes me back to when my grandmother made them. I think that home made is the best. When we move to Florida next year, I plan on doing canning and making my own jams and jellies. There is nothing better than something that is made with love 🙂 TY so much for sharing!



    • Linn Graves says:

      My dear dear Janet,
      thank you very much for stopping by to leave a comment on my page.:) Yess, jams and jellies are simply the best when homemade. I am all kinda “homemade-maniac” so it was only a matter of time to make my own jelly. I really hope to grow my own fruits and veggies someday when I have my own house and garden:)
      I so cant wait to see some of your jelly recipes when you live in Florida!!:)
      Big hug*Linn

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