(New Post) BENTO- The Lunch Experience

After seeing a report on TV about the Japanese way of taking lovely prepared Lunches to school, kindergarten and to work I was super excited.

Since I work since last year in November, I searched for a good and fun way to have lunch as you can’t afford to go to a restaurant every day even though the prices are between  5- 12 Euro for a Lunch including a drink. But whats the alternative? Take a sandwich? Or buy one at a local bakery? Having a Kebab or a Burger? Too boring and not that healthy either.

Taking a Bento with to work was the solution!

But what exactly is a BENTO?? Take  a look at this wonderful  video, who explains it very well:

I hope you are as excited as I was!! Me and the lovely Mister decided to buy one of the boxes and a few little supplies to get started. You can buy bento boxes and supplies here:

We got our boxes from Casabento, which we totally love.

To get started you either head over to YouTube and search for videos around Bento making. There are a few! Or you take a look on these links, which really helped me to get inspired. You find cute bento pictures and also recipes, guiding and A LOT OF FUN AND INSPIRATION!! These are only a few sites. You can find lots out there!

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2 thoughts on “(New Post) BENTO- The Lunch Experience

  1. Andrew says:

    Peek a boo!

    I love the fact you are making homemade rather than buy the Japanese food out. I just ‘googled’ vegan and vegetarian bento, and got lots of search results! awesome sauce! I am extremely interested in trying to do a vegetarian bento box. Cheers for opening my eyes to this.

    All the best


    • Linn Graves says:

      Hiya Andrew,

      I am always curious to see your comments!:) I am happy that my blogpost got you in touch with a new way of having lunch. I am looking forward to see a post about your first BENTO on your blog!!:) Have fun and rock on!!!

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