(New Post) My 30th Birthday and a totally amazing Trip

Today I am going to share my Birthday with you. As some of you know I turned 30 on a Tuesday, 23, which is as you all may agree  not a very party like day.

I had a hard time figure out if I want to have a party with friends and family or how to spend the day in general. I had no idea, as I had to work the Saturday before and after my Birthday.

To make a long story short….I was allowed to take the Saturday before my special day off and I was got surprised with a wonderful present.

My Mister gave my A WEEKEND IN PARIS for my Birthday, which was totally amazing.

We left rainy and grey Hamburg early on Friday to be 1,5 h later in Paris. It was so beautiful. Perfect weather, blue sky and the sun was wonderful warm. After we checked in we did sight-seeing the whole Friday. Of course we visited The Eifelturm, Sacre Coeur, Palais de Chaillot, Arc de Triomph, Grand & Petit Palais. We went shopping in the famous Galerie Lafayette…Had wonderful Sushi in a sweet place. Simply perfect day all in all.

We spent the second day at Disneyland Paris. I truly loved this place! Its magical and so much fun wandering through the park, entering all the different rollercoaster and seeing happy people all over the place. Super positive vibes everywhere!

I also had the chance to meet a very special person:

We started our last day with a typical French Breakfast in a local café, which was lovely. In fact the breakfast itself was rather simple but to have a simply Breakfast in Paris was sweet! After that we strolled along the Seine, visit the Louvre but only on the outside cause the que was freaking long. You wouldnt belive it!  We had a yummy crepe sitting on a wall near Notre Dame while the sun was out. We left Paris in the early evening, the sun kiss still on our faces.

It was the first time I was ever in France as traveling through doesn’t count for me. I had a blast seeing all the Sights, the multi cultural people, who live there, mostly Africans, Jamaicans, People from India, Pakistan and all over Asia. I loved how “colorful” Paris is. We had a few pity moments as not everyone speaks English,which was a bit stressful.It was a wonderful and memorial gift and my Mister really knows how to spoil me. Gotta love that Man!!! 🙂

On the Tuesday, which was my actual Birthday I took the day off. After sleeping long I made myself French Toast and a big Mug of Coffee while going through all the lovely birthday cards I got and the messages on Facebook and Twitter. I never thought that so many people would congrate me. It was sweet and I am very, very grateful! Then I went out for shopping as I needed to have a new Business Outfit for the Saturday at work. We spent the evening at the movies seeing “Captain America”, which was a fun way to end a birthday.

I also got surprised by two foreign packages and one card. One package from UK by the lovely Adele and the other one by the wonderful Kate. The sweet birthday card was sent by the dearest Janet  I am so thankful to really have friends out there. It’s not “just” Socialmedia. Its making true friends. Friends for life. 🙂 Love you Ladies! ❤

Thank you again for all your congrats and wishes they mean the world to me!!!

Here are some impressions around my birthday. Enjoy!

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Much love*Linn

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5 thoughts on “(New Post) My 30th Birthday and a totally amazing Trip

  1. janetlee says:

    I am so glad that your 30th Birthday was amazing and you do truly have a wonderful mister! Thank you for sharing about your day. I am very fortunate to have you and the other gals on twitter as friends. Love you all!

  2. What an awesome 30th birthday!! I love France and your visit sounds fantastic. 🙂 Great photos.

    • Linn Graves says:

      Hello Andrew,
      thank you very much for your comment.
      Yeah, I feel super blessed to get to spent such a wonderful time In Paris. I am def. coming back for more 😉
      Glad you enjoyed watching the pictures:)

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