(New Post) My first Tweet-UP

A few of you know that I am on Twitter. It’s almost 1 year since I am on their now. I don’t need to mention how I love to tweet and making friends on there. :))

Over this past year I made several picture postcard exchanges and send and received birthday cards or packages to people who became my friends.

But one thing didn’t happen: A Tweet-up. I have never meet anyone I tweet with.

  That changed TODAY!!! 😀

Today I met @BienAgiter and @Helena_Jackson .Two Teenage Girls who live in Hamburg. It was a short but really fun meeting. We had Bubble Tea and laughed a lot. 🙂 I am happy that it was so joyful and not awkward at all, even though I was super nervous before the meeting. The Girls told me they were nervous too. lol^^

Next time we meet for yummy Sushi! (Cant waaiiit)

Thank you so much for the lovely time Girls! See you soon!!


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2 thoughts on “(New Post) My first Tweet-UP

  1. mauvedeity says:

    Glad your first tweet-up went so well! How about coming to England next time, it’d be cool to meet up here too.

    • Linn Graves says:

      Thank you Mister!:) Agreed, one day I am coming to UK and than its going to be a huge tweet up as I know so many Brits!! 🙂 Would love to meet you and the Mrs too!!:) Have you had a tweet up already?? xx

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