(New Post) Come and meet THE SUBWAYS

It was on a grey, windy and rainy Tuesday that me and the lovely Mister had the chance to meet up with our favourite Band: THE SUBWAYS. What, you don’t know them?

I am sure you know this song “Rock’N’Roll Queen”, which was one of their biggest hits back  in 2005.

The Subways, this are basically:

Charlotte Cooper (Bass& Vocals)

Josh Morgan (Drums)

Billy Lunn ( Guitar& Vocals)

We had to be at the DOCKS at quarter to 4 and what shall I say. Me and Kai were late thanks to huge traffic on the way. :S We reached the famous REEPERBAHN at exactly 4:50 and saw a little group about to move into the club. We were like…ohh noo lets run. So we jogged the last meter and were super relieved as we got in there.

William, who organized the whole Meet and Greet welcomed us and gave us our VIP tickets before Charlotte came around to give us a big hug. It was so cool to chat to her in Person instead of tweeting to her. She is so lovely and we had the chance to talk to her for like 10 minutes all alone. About running, Hamburg, Copenhagen, our trip to Indonesia (blog posts will follow 😉 ) and the bands next tour dates.

After our talk Charlotte picked up this tiny orange flag again and guided us all  into the music hall. We made us all comfy while Charlotte left us and joined the band onstage for the sound check.

It was fun and interesting to get the chance to look behind the scenes! Watching how much fun they have as a band doing what they are doing was brilliant. Such positive, relaxed but professional behaviour.

After they have finished the sound check they joined us before the stage. They introduced themselves and asked if we all live in Hamburg, applauded for a guy who was on the road for 2 h just to see the band.

Everyone got the chance to make a pic with The Subways before we followed them to the merchandise table after a bit of chit chat.  Everyone who was there got a signed Poster, a free Band Shirt and a signed songlist after the show! :)!!  We really got spoiled rotten!! 😀

After the meet and greet the band was off for a signing session in a musicstore and me and the Mister went out for Dinner before we returned to the club again. We had a splendid night with The Subways and their support The Dancers and The Dukes. I so hope to meet them someday soon as they are really lovely people to hang with. No celeb attitude at all. Down to earth chaps!



2 thoughts on “(New Post) Come and meet THE SUBWAYS

  1. Janet says:

    Dearest Linn,

    I am so happy you had a good time! Its so exciting to meet your favorite bands and talk with them. I had the pleasure of meeting One Republic, AC/DC , Red Hot Chili Peppers, a few guys from some 80’s bands I love! I cant wait to read about your trip!

    Lots of love,


    • Linn Graves says:

      My lovely Janet,

      thank you very much for your comment. Always love to read them! Wow! You got to meet a lot of bands. I hope I will get there some day!! 😀 Which band did you like the most in person???
      That would be worth a blog post too by the way ^^

      Biiig hug*Linn

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