Blogged: New Year, New Lifestyle?

The new year is already 2 weeks old- I really enjoy this new, fresh days. A new year as the power to be everything we would like it to be. A new year makes me always realize how thankful I am for this life I am living- for the person I am and for the people I know close to me or in different countries.

A new year always shows me that you have choices. There are so many possibilities out there and the only thing you have to do is just pick it like it is a fruit and enjoy it! You can always become the person you would love to be. You can always seek for joy and adventures. You know, its waiting just behind the next corner! šŸ˜€

If there are things in your life that bothers you- a relationship, which is poisoning or a job that does a lot but do not makes you feel good. Take the challenge and DO something. A new year is a new beginning!

Last year was a brilliant year for me and it ended fantastic. For the year of 2012 I chose not to pic a “Word of the year”

simply because I don’t feel the need of it this time. This past year gave me so much joy, mental strength andĀ self-fulfilmentĀ  that I don’t need to focus on something in particular this year.

I do have to say that I challenged myself in the last 4 weeks to reflect the way I eat. I actually dont know exactly when this started and why but I inhaled every bit of information about a Vegan lifestyle. I do can remember that I was watching a show on TV and they asked the challenging question: ” What kind of person would you like to be?”

A simple question from the outside but it has so much power if you dig deeper into it and let it grow inside you. I asked myself this question again and again.

I managed to already grow as a person in the past (build up a positive attitude, being thankful and forgiving. Have healthy and stable relationship…)Ā  but this question above generated a few new ones in my head in a way that surprised myself. It challenged me to think about my attitude about my Food consumption.

Linn, would you like to be a person that tolerates that small male chickens get killed (, because they don’t give eggs in the end) only because you want to eat eggs?

Linn, would you like to be a person who enjoys a piece of meat ( I do love bacon) and ignores the fact that an animals die for YOUR satisfaction?

Linn, would you be a person that simply do not care and reflect that animals die and be exploited every day so that I can have a roasted Dinner, a weekend- breakfast-egg or my amounts of milk?

The answer to this few questions is NO! I don’tĀ  want to be a person who isĀ  involved in any violenceĀ  or animal harming action! So IĀ  faced the consequenses:

I read a lot of articles on the internet, went to local shops and observed the supermarkets about vegan food and I was totally surprised about how many products they have. I ordered a Soy Latte to go to try it and bought vegan cheese.

It isn’t that easy though as you are constantly “working” against your own habits.Ā  But it isnt only the habits you need to change- you need to change the thinking that animals havent got rights and only have the purpose to feed or please humanity.

For now I do not put myself onto so much pressure. I do not eat meat, which is easy as I havent eat meat that often already. I reduce the amount of eggs and milk and try new and different recipes. I will slowly add more and more vegan products to everyday life.

For me going vegan is a process, which takes a while but I feel this is a right step. šŸ™‚

Please let me know if you have any tips, links or recipes you like and want me to try. I would also love to know what you think about VegetraismĀ  and vegan Lifestyle or if you ever questioned your lifestyle.


Here some links if you want to diggĀ  deeper into Vegan:

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3 thoughts on “Blogged: New Year, New Lifestyle?

  1. My boss is vegan so I am very aware of what to look out for & just how much animal product is used in a lot of commercial food. That said I have had a lot of tasty vegan alternatives & greatly enjoyed them.

    I understand your dillema but as a proud keeper of three hens who lay only if they chose to & are happy to I believe there is a balance to be struck between eating animal products & not.

    We have cut back on a lot of meat products chosing to look towards local sourced products where we can see standards & that we have found is reflected in quality. We don’t need to eat meat everyday but when we do we’d like to think our animal had enough space to enjoy their life.

    Best wishes with your vegan endeavours, please do share your journey as we would love to hear & consider our own views more.

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  3. Andrew says:

    Fantastic Linn!

    I’ve been a vegetarian for over 15 yrs. I don’t eat eggs either, which stops me from eating so many items which are bad for my health. For me becoming a vegetarian was a moral decision, not a taste issue. When it comes to animals, many people in the west still have medieval thinking, but more people such as us are making the rational decision to shun animal cruelty.

    It was tough the first couple of years, but the main problem wasn’t me, but other people trying to justify their eating habits, by trying to tell me why I shouldn’t be a vegetarian. I received a lot of pressure from others to stop being a vegetarian. I’m glad I didn’t allow others to influence my decision.

    In the UK vegetarians and vegans are often viewed as ‘hippies’ who apparently think they are better than others. Yet I’ve never seen a vegetarian or vegan try and bully a meat eater at a dinner, but have the seen the opposite many times over. Some people seem to feel they need to tell a vegetarian why they shouldn’t be a vegetarian. Quite sad.

    Instead I often find vegetarians and vegans are good cooks, more adventurous with trying new dishes and enjoy food from a wide range of cultures. I’m not a good cook, but since becoming a vegetarian I’ve definitely been more adventurous with the food I eat.

    I think being a vegan is tougher than being a vegetarian. I might become a vegan one day though. Being a vegetarian is easy and there is so much great vegetarian food to enjoy. It takes no effort at all to be a vegetarian and my food bills are lower than anyone else I know. Okay occasional I have to avoid a restaurant that doesn’t have any dishes, else eat a couple of side portions as a meal when out, but that is less and less these days.

    Advice…. is to try not to replace a ‘meat’ item in a meal with a substitute all the time. That can be expensive and often not required. i.e. a fry-up doesn’t need bacon or sausages no matter what others say… (I’ve had many a douchebag lecture me on fry-up’s. Now I don’t bother with people like that, who have issue with my eating). I enjoy the hash browns, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, beans, toast etc instead in a fry-up and rarely buy meat substitutes.

    Another is to not allow people to lecture you. Also people might try and break your will-power by trying to get you to eat one meat dish. Bizarre I know!

    Plus don’t allow anyone to tell you to double up on spices in a meal!

    Good luck to you on your vegan journey. Another great blog post Linn.

    All the best


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