Treat from the Isle of Wight

You know what? A surprise parcel found its way to Hamburg!!!Yaheyyy!!

All the way over the channel to Germany!!! 😀

It was the lovely Andrew and his Girlfriend Sarah, who packed some yummy delights into a box and sent it over. As you know me, I love getting postal mail in any form and I am such a Foodie so sending me (and of course the Mister)  a British goodie box was a totally amazing idea! Thank you so much for these yummy goods and the well written card!!

I am so looking forward to have the Shortbread fingers and the Cadbury buttons along with a strong mug of tea or coffee and I so cant wait to finally try a perfect British Crumble! Dont know if its going to be a classical apple crumble or rhubarb yet but I am excited to try out the mixture.  The same for the Angel Delight. Om nom nom. Love all sorts of puddings and creams. Cant wait to see how they tates. 😛

It is wonderful to have such amazing friends “out there”.  Looking forward to meet you someday soon!



One thought on “Treat from the Isle of Wight

  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    Glad you like the goodies and thank you again for the goodies you sent us. *drools* I now feel like eating choc buttons accompanied by a mug of tea.

    All the best


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