(New Post) Lady Victoria and Me. Or my first sewing project

Hello everyone! 🙂

Back in September I was lucky and someone donated a very old Lady to one of our social projects at work. Not a human being it was, it was a very old sewing machine named Victoria. For a sewing machine she was indeed old, nearly 42 years to be exact. As there were more than enough sewing machines in the craftroom I thought I would give her a home at my flat. It took me some commitment and effort to escort her Ladyship to her new home. You know aged machines have their weight!

Me and Lady Victoria needed a few months to get to know each other properly, in fact she got all comfy in my place and I let her be during the process. I for myself was busy working and as I got home she greeted me always with a bit of an attitude as if she were curious when I got the guts to get in touch with her properly. The new year came and on a grey and cold January day I brewed myself a Coffee, got myself together and set carefully in front of Lady Victoria. I was surprised about all the beauty and old-fashioned design and it took me really some time to find out what really makes her tick. As I do have a fable for Owls it was only fair to sew one as my first project. It was more than a pleasant time and Victoria and I got very much along. No arguing nor torn strings. In the end I was proud and my cheeks turned read for excitement as I held the little fella in front of me.

My first sewing project! It wasnt perfect from the outside but I didn’t care. I tried something new and that was what made me happy.The little owl now sits on my Nanna’s Hospital bed to keep her company.



4 thoughts on “(New Post) Lady Victoria and Me. Or my first sewing project

  1. BeckySefton says:

    It’s beautiful!

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi Linn,

    Awesome sauce, what a fantastic hobby. I love hobbies and the early days of a hobby are always great fun.My sewing skills stretch to repairing ripped trousers!

    All the best with your sewing hobby.

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