London Calling. Part 1 “A Night to remember”

One night back in January, just before The Subways were about to start their recent tour I had the idea of not only seeing them live instead of making a whole trip out of it! The Mister joined in and glowed with enthusiasm and soon we booked our flights and hotel to spent 4 days in Britain’s capital in May.

Short after that every Subway Fan amongst my Twitter Friends knew we were coming to London and the lovely Mike booked a table and gathered us all at The Greens for a decent Subways Tweet Up.

In only 1 hour and 20 minutes we made it from Hamburg to London Heathrow. Dropped off our bags at the Lonsdale Hotel and headed towards Shepherds Bush to meet Alec, his wonderful wife Kelly, Darren, Matthew, Anna, Danny, Michelle and lovely Mike.


It was amazing and so much fun to finally meet all these people, you have been tweeting with every day for quite a while. It was also quite surreal to finally see them face to face. Hear their voices and see their mimic and gesture.

We had pints and enjoyed meeting each other as all of a sudden Billy Lunn from The Subways came down the stairs to meet us, which we havent expected at all. He joined in with a non alcoholic beer and had a chat with us until his phone rang and reminded him that he had an interview appointment.

Around 8 p.m. we hit the venue to see Royal Republic support The Subways 

and to meet the lovely Rowena and her friend Jordan. I know Rowena since I started tweeting two years ago. It was such a pleasure to meet her, having beers& shots together, laughing and partying whilst her hubby was on stage!


I even had a naughty smoke outside with the lovely Jordan, who turned out to be in Hamburg years ago for a school trip. The night ended way to quick and it was time to say “Good bye”.

Kai, Danny, Anna and me decided to wait for the band to come out after the gig and we really were lucky in the end. Talking and having a good laugh with Charlotte and Billy from the Subways and Rowena and her friend Jordan.


I cant wait to meet them all again. It was such an amazing time and I am already craving for more! Thank you so much for this special night girls and boys.

I LOVED  THIS NIGHT and I certainly will for the rest of my live!!  Special night with special people.


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