Exact 4 weeks after we have seen The Subways in London, another band brought me and the Mister back to the United Kingdom! As  Future Of The Left didn’t come to Germany during their recent tour we had to see them on british ground. Pity flights to London and hotels were a bit too pricey thanks to the during events, the Jubilee and Olympia we have choosen Manchester for the weekend 8 to 10th of June.

To sum this weekend up. It was a fun one. Well despite the monsoon like Weather we strolled through the city, did a lot of shopping (Afflecks Mall and Arndale): DVD’s, books and a lot of clothes and refueled a lot with british food and more important british beer and drinkies!! As you may know I recently fell in love with Pimm’s No.1, which I had constantly during our Pub stays! 😀

On Friday evening we have seen Prometheus 2 months before they would have shown it in Germany. Stunning movie with great actors and amazing special effects! I can highly recommend seeing it!

We were lucky to actually have sunshine during the day parade The Sky Is The Limit on Sunday. My first ever day parade and I loved every minute of it!! Our fave places in Manchester turned out to be John Rylands Library and The Sawyers Arms Pub. You can spend hours in either of those locations. Admiring the architecture or the beverages! 😉

On Saturday after we had hours of sightseeing we took a cap to the Uni-quarter to enter the most unusual venue I have ever been too: THE DEAF INSTITUTE!

Before Future Of The Left hit the stage there was this band that really got me! Not only because there was two Girls and one  Boy, which is rather seldom in Rock Bands but because they have a really great style!!! Of course I had to get the album afterwords and had a chit-chat with Rosie Arnold the Lead singer! So, so lovely! Here are two of the songs, which I really love! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook if you like them too!!!:)  

The Future Of The Left Gig itself was totally mind-blowing. It really was!! Loud, ecstatic and totally amazing! Loved every minute!!! After the gig was over they jumped over to their merch table and sold their shirts and CD’s whilst still sweating from their show! Just wow! Here is a glimpse of their show!

I will leave you with a few pictures of our stay in Manchester! Enjoy! 🙂


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