This year is all about Twitter. I mean more than usual. 😉

This summer it happens that me and the lovely Mister booked our first vacation on Twitter!!! 😀

One of my friends from UK, Alan, who I really enjoy tweeting with has a daughter Lynzey who moved to Spain with her family several years ago to live there. She rents out a stunning self-catering villa called La Rosilla and that’s exactly were we spent 8 lovely days!

We flew from Hamburg to Madrid, rented a car and headed down south to the  Montes de Malaga Natural Park . Roadtripping at its best, I can tell you. 😀

Thankfully we’ve had aircon in the car as it was boiling outside with 40°C. Nothing like the rain and cold temperatures in Hamburg! It was such a relief for me to finally be in some summery enviroment I instantly feel relaxed. 🙂

After around 5 hours we reached the Villa. Such a beautiful place up in the Mountains! Me and the Mister decided to have a really relaxed stay at La Rosilla, which means every second day a sightseeing trip and the rest of the days we wanted to spend chillaxing and reading at the Casa.

We made our first day trip to the famous city of  Granada. Survived the queuing in front of the Alhambra and lost ourselves in all the history and old architecture that the Muslims build around 1492.

Beside this we have visited the city of Malaga and the stunning Cliffside City of Ronda and enjoyed the seaside at Playa de torre del mar! 🙂 Here are some pics for you to enjoy! 🙂

Enjoying a yummy Cafe con leche in  a Cafe in Malaga!

Almost at the end of our stay at La Rosilla we had a proper Tweet up with Lynzey and her husband on a really warm Spanish Night on the porch! It was really nice to chat about everything whilst enjoying a Cerveza! 🙂

The 8 days really went so fast but we really enjoyed ourselves. It wasn’t stressful at all and we did pretty well not doing too much. It was my first time on the Spanish Mainland and I must say I was really surprised about all the color shades of green and brown and yellow that the landscape has in store.  Andalusia has a wonderful vibe. Brilliant weather, great food and amazing cultural heritage! A place to visit for sure! 😀


If you like to see more pics visit my Misters Flickr page -> kaifriendly  🙂



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2 thoughts on “(NEW POST) VIVA ESPANIA

  1. Keith Feeney says:

    Awh, Linnie, I’m so glad you and Kai had such a great time. your photos are beautiful. Really happy to see you enjoyed yourselves. 🙂

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