I was really surprised as I watched TV the other day and saw Mr. Brad Pitt in an advert for CHANEL! I very much adore Chanel!!!

Currently I am wearing Coco Mademoiselle and I really love it.

“It has top notes of bergamot and orange; a heart of jasmine and “morning rose petals”; and a base of patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, and white musk.”  (source http://www.nstperfume.com ) The smell is smooth and floral. Sweet and sophisticated and it lasts the whole day! I am wearing Coco Mademoiselle for every day and it makes me feel wonderful.

For the special events I am wearing Chanel’s Chance! 🙂

After a few actresses (Keira Kneightly, Nicole Kidmann, Audrey Tautou)  have given their face for a CHANEL Perfume over the years the company tries something different!

CHANEL got actor Brad Pitt for the new CHANEL NO. 5 campaign!

For the campaign Chanel got director  Joe Wright  who also directed movies like Pride& Prejudice, The Soloist and the upcoming Anna Karenina. But now here it is.

Take a look and tell me what you think!!! 🙂




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