(NEW POST) Lovely Tunes For Cold Days

I thought I wanted to share some of my fave songs with you. Songs perfectly for these cold days. Days with less sunshine and more wind and rain. I don’t know how about you but for myself this time of the year when Fall slowly turns into Winter I like to be at home. Enjoying the warmth of a hot cocoa or a tea. Snuggled up with a blanket or even better the boy and listen to songs. Mellow ones. Sometimes sad songs. melancholic Melodies.  But all beautiful ones.

What is your fave tune for cold days? Maybe it is one you hear every year during the Fall& Winter Season. I would love to know. Comment below!! 🙂

Lots of Love*Linn


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3 thoughts on “(NEW POST) Lovely Tunes For Cold Days

  1. granny1940 says:

    I like your music, especially Missy Higgins and James Vincent McMorrow. I like so much music that I wouldn’t begin to name them. I really like Eva Cassady. She sang several styles. She was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Linn Graves says:

      Hello Melanie,

      thank you so much for your reply.:) I totally agree with you Miss Higgins is amazing. I came across her music a few weeks ago& dont want to miss her. Oh yes Eva Cassady was amazing!! 🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by.Have a nice day!

  2. fattastic8 says:

    oh such a fan of Ben Howard. He reminds me of cold winter sun, surfing and hoodies! will have a listen to the rest soon!

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