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(New Post) Linn on playtime

As some of you might know I have had the week 12-18.3. off of work. Needed to get “rid” of left-over holidays from last year. :d that wasnt a hard task at all. Here is what I did:


After a long sleep in I  started the day pretty lazy. Listened to music….hung on the blue sofa, annoyed the Mister and surfed the web. The resting was pretty much-needed but as the afternoon turned into evening I was out and about to see ENTER SHIKARI. One of my favourite british bands! Me and the Mister met up with our mate Helge earlier and had a few pre-gig drinks before we hit the venue.

Support band Young Guns

really rocked the crowed. Enter Shikari really were epic!!! So much fun and great lads! Another great gig to remember!!


After a long night out I was so ready to take it relaxed on Tuesday. Wrote blog post and prepared a little “Sending Love Around” postcard-surprise-action. Keep an eye on your mail box in the next few weeks maybe you are one of the lucky ones who’ll get one of these! 😉Wednesday

Today it was time to hit the movie theaters. Nahh, not in the evenings in the early afternoon. So you have plenty of day left afterwords!;) It’s so funny to see all the “silver foxes” and elderly gangs who hit the movies on this time of the day as well while every other person still is working!^^

I really enjoyed watching Meryl Streep “playing the compelling story of Margaret Thatcher, a woman who smashed through the barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male-dominated world”. The movie also enlighten an important aspect in world history to me which I havent yet had time to work myself into. I can highly recommend this movie! If you have the chance go and see it

After I got back home I treated myself with a yummy take-away Dinner!

Sushi!!! 😀 It’s SO GOOD and one of my favourite food! Anyone agrees? 🙂


As I couldn’t remember properly when I was in a museum for the last time I decided it would be fun to go. When I can’t remember it was definitely also way too long! 😉

I visited the Museum for art and craft  (= German: Kunst und Gewerbe) as they had a an homage of Alexander McQueens works as  flying exhibition. As you don’t know the late McQueen- he was a british Fashion Designer, who founded his own brand but who designed Haute Couture for Gucci and Givenchy.

Loved strolling around all by myself in my own time. It wasnt too crowded but I saw a few tourists, which was nice.


As the weather turned out to be so bright sunny and warm I made myself all comfy on our balcony. Snuggled under a blanket in my fave chair had beverages right next to me and guess what? Sat outside for hours reading. That was totally amazing and so relaxing. I love to read but hadn’t had the time for it the last weeks so I was totally stoked.


ST PATRICK’S DAY!!! 😀 Yeah, I know I am German and it isn’t really a big thing over here but if you lost your heart to Ireland and all things celtic its a fun thing to get yourself settled in an Irish Pub, watch the Six Nations Rugby and drink Kilkenny! 😀 That’s exactly what I did with some lovely company


Guess what?? 😀

Stayed at home after getting home late and rather tipsy! 😀 Had a lovely end of my holiday at home and it proves right that you can have a decent time off even if you stay at home. You only need to make up your mind and simple give it a go. It was the first time in a long time that I went to the movies or to the museum all by myself. Its odd at first but I have to admid that I loved it being all focused on myself and dont have to bother. Rather relaxing sometimes.


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