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(NEW POST) Lovely Tunes For Cold Days

I thought I wanted to share some of my fave songs with you. Songs perfectly for these cold days. Days with less sunshine and more wind and rain. I don’t know how about you but for myself this time of the year when Fall slowly turns into Winter I like to be at home. Enjoying the warmth of a hot cocoa or a tea. Snuggled up with a blanket or even better the boy and listen to songs. Mellow ones. Sometimes sad songs. melancholic Melodies.  But all beautiful ones.

What is your fave tune for cold days? Maybe it is one you hear every year during the Fall& Winter Season. I would love to know. Comment below!! 🙂

Lots of Love*Linn


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Exact 4 weeks after we have seen The Subways in London, another band brought me and the Mister back to the United Kingdom! As  Future Of The Left didn’t come to Germany during their recent tour we had to see them on british ground. Pity flights to London and hotels were a bit too pricey thanks to the during events, the Jubilee and Olympia we have choosen Manchester for the weekend 8 to 10th of June.

To sum this weekend up. It was a fun one. Well despite the monsoon like Weather we strolled through the city, did a lot of shopping (Afflecks Mall and Arndale): DVD’s, books and a lot of clothes and refueled a lot with british food and more important british beer and drinkies!! As you may know I recently fell in love with Pimm’s No.1, which I had constantly during our Pub stays! 😀

On Friday evening we have seen Prometheus 2 months before they would have shown it in Germany. Stunning movie with great actors and amazing special effects! I can highly recommend seeing it!

We were lucky to actually have sunshine during the day parade The Sky Is The Limit on Sunday. My first ever day parade and I loved every minute of it!! Our fave places in Manchester turned out to be John Rylands Library and The Sawyers Arms Pub. You can spend hours in either of those locations. Admiring the architecture or the beverages! 😉

On Saturday after we had hours of sightseeing we took a cap to the Uni-quarter to enter the most unusual venue I have ever been too: THE DEAF INSTITUTE!

Before Future Of The Left hit the stage there was this band that really got me! Not only because there was two Girls and one  Boy, which is rather seldom in Rock Bands but because they have a really great style!!! Of course I had to get the album afterwords and had a chit-chat with Rosie Arnold the Lead singer! So, so lovely! Here are two of the songs, which I really love! Follow them on Twitter and Facebook if you like them too!!!:)  

The Future Of The Left Gig itself was totally mind-blowing. It really was!! Loud, ecstatic and totally amazing! Loved every minute!!! After the gig was over they jumped over to their merch table and sold their shirts and CD’s whilst still sweating from their show! Just wow! Here is a glimpse of their show!

I will leave you with a few pictures of our stay in Manchester! Enjoy! 🙂


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London Calling. Part 1 “A Night to remember”

One night back in January, just before The Subways were about to start their recent tour I had the idea of not only seeing them live instead of making a whole trip out of it! The Mister joined in and glowed with enthusiasm and soon we booked our flights and hotel to spent 4 days in Britain’s capital in May.

Short after that every Subway Fan amongst my Twitter Friends knew we were coming to London and the lovely Mike booked a table and gathered us all at The Greens for a decent Subways Tweet Up.

In only 1 hour and 20 minutes we made it from Hamburg to London Heathrow. Dropped off our bags at the Lonsdale Hotel and headed towards Shepherds Bush to meet Alec, his wonderful wife Kelly, Darren, Matthew, Anna, Danny, Michelle and lovely Mike.


It was amazing and so much fun to finally meet all these people, you have been tweeting with every day for quite a while. It was also quite surreal to finally see them face to face. Hear their voices and see their mimic and gesture.

We had pints and enjoyed meeting each other as all of a sudden Billy Lunn from The Subways came down the stairs to meet us, which we havent expected at all. He joined in with a non alcoholic beer and had a chat with us until his phone rang and reminded him that he had an interview appointment.

Around 8 p.m. we hit the venue to see Royal Republic support The Subways 

and to meet the lovely Rowena and her friend Jordan. I know Rowena since I started tweeting two years ago. It was such a pleasure to meet her, having beers& shots together, laughing and partying whilst her hubby was on stage!


I even had a naughty smoke outside with the lovely Jordan, who turned out to be in Hamburg years ago for a school trip. The night ended way to quick and it was time to say “Good bye”.

Kai, Danny, Anna and me decided to wait for the band to come out after the gig and we really were lucky in the end. Talking and having a good laugh with Charlotte and Billy from the Subways and Rowena and her friend Jordan.


I cant wait to meet them all again. It was such an amazing time and I am already craving for more! Thank you so much for this special night girls and boys.

I LOVED  THIS NIGHT and I certainly will for the rest of my live!!  Special night with special people.


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(New Post) Thank you 2011! You have been a brilliant year!

Almost gone is one of the best years of my life. This past year was full of new things, full of fun things and things out of which memories are build.

I got to start the year of 2011 with the satisfaction of having a job which is totally made for me.

I work as a Social Worker at a Church Community Center. Our passion and duty is to invent projects for Woman.  We for example qualify them, we build up a Mummy Helpline or a Sewing-cafe to get them together with other woman. We are a lobby for Woman and work for equal rights. It’s really a blessing working there in a team of three other woman.

I started a few new things in the beginning of the new year. Some of them like Ballet, I did for years others, like Patchwork and NIA I wanted to try out for the first time. I loved being back in dance class again as that’s the perfect form for me to express myself. Not so much the patchworking- a bit too advanced for a sewing newbie! 😉

I had a fun time at our grandchildren meet up at my grannies around Easter!! This was the first time that my Twinnie, my little brother and our spouses meet up without my Mum’s.

I saw Joyce Meyer preaching for the first time in Hamburg, which was very  inspirational.
I visited Munich and Paris for the first time in my life and I am defenetly coming back some day. Great cities to visit!

I got the chance to see the Beatsteaks and The Subways in Hamburg twice,  System of a Down on their only German Concert in Berlin, Ryan Bingham, Shantel and Monster Magnet also in Hamburg. You know I am a fan of Concerts and one of my fave bands are The Subways. So it was an amazing day as I got the chance to finally meet them, talk to them face to face and see their sound check and the gig later. Truly amazing day and such fab people! 🙂

I spent my first vacation in Asia, which was 3 weeks of unbelievably brilliant-ness. The weather, the uber friendly people, travelling with the backpack through Java and Bali. I climbed an active volcano, released a little turtle into the ocean, got the chance to hold an asian palm civet and learned how to surf in tropical water!!:D

I am going to close this year of 2011 as I started it: in Norway! 🙂 I am going to visit my twin-sister and her Girlfriend and spend New Years in the beautiful land of Norway!! 🙂

I know that this year was more than amazing and I am truly thankful for what has happened. I know that not every year is going to be like this past one. For me 2010 was the shabbiest I have had. So I feel very grateful and I am looking forward to the upcoming year. Knowing that it is going to be different but nevertheless unique!

Thank you 2011. You have been amazing! Love*Linn

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(New Post) Come and meet THE SUBWAYS

It was on a grey, windy and rainy Tuesday that me and the lovely Mister had the chance to meet up with our favourite Band: THE SUBWAYS. What, you don’t know them?

I am sure you know this song “Rock’N’Roll Queen”, which was one of their biggest hits back  in 2005.

The Subways, this are basically:

Charlotte Cooper (Bass& Vocals)

Josh Morgan (Drums)

Billy Lunn ( Guitar& Vocals)

We had to be at the DOCKS at quarter to 4 and what shall I say. Me and Kai were late thanks to huge traffic on the way. :S We reached the famous REEPERBAHN at exactly 4:50 and saw a little group about to move into the club. We were like…ohh noo lets run. So we jogged the last meter and were super relieved as we got in there.

William, who organized the whole Meet and Greet welcomed us and gave us our VIP tickets before Charlotte came around to give us a big hug. It was so cool to chat to her in Person instead of tweeting to her. She is so lovely and we had the chance to talk to her for like 10 minutes all alone. About running, Hamburg, Copenhagen, our trip to Indonesia (blog posts will follow 😉 ) and the bands next tour dates.

After our talk Charlotte picked up this tiny orange flag again and guided us all  into the music hall. We made us all comfy while Charlotte left us and joined the band onstage for the sound check.

It was fun and interesting to get the chance to look behind the scenes! Watching how much fun they have as a band doing what they are doing was brilliant. Such positive, relaxed but professional behaviour.

After they have finished the sound check they joined us before the stage. They introduced themselves and asked if we all live in Hamburg, applauded for a guy who was on the road for 2 h just to see the band.

Everyone got the chance to make a pic with The Subways before we followed them to the merchandise table after a bit of chit chat.  Everyone who was there got a signed Poster, a free Band Shirt and a signed songlist after the show! :)!!  We really got spoiled rotten!! 😀

After the meet and greet the band was off for a signing session in a musicstore and me and the Mister went out for Dinner before we returned to the club again. We had a splendid night with The Subways and their support The Dancers and The Dukes. I so hope to meet them someday soon as they are really lovely people to hang with. No celeb attitude at all. Down to earth chaps!


(New Post) The End of Summer and how we celebrated it

This last summer weekend was a weekend full of joy, laughter, great music, wonderful weather and making new friends. I loved every single minute and feel utterly blessed to have such a wonderful memory now.

Remember that me and the Mister went to Munich last July weekend to visit Lena?! Right. First September weekend she packed her bags and visited us up north in Hamburg. We had such a blast:

Went out for lovely Sushi,  I took her on sightseeing the whole Saturday afternoon.  Rocked hard at the Open Air gig together with The Subways, The Beatsteaks and a few workmates. I loved the Open Air.

It was sunny and warm and I even got myself a new The Subway’s Shirt! 😀 We also met some completely strangers, which was fun. We all partied at the Reeperbahn after the gig and went home in the early morning hours.

Sunday we slept pretty long,  had a huge hearty breakfast and visited the largest Medieval Festival in Germany.  I wrote about it last year. If you wanna check go here:

I even got the chance to try archery for the first time in my life. I was really really stoked as it was so much fun!! I LOVE trying new things!!:)

We ended this sunny weekend with a movie on our huge screen.

I loved having Lena. We spent so many time outside in the sun, in different cafès,  rocked hard and had great conversations. We had fun in a large group at the Gig and even met new friends. Such a blessed weekend and I am truly thankful. There isnt much to say beside:  “Goodbye Summer- see you NEXT year” 🙂

Here are some pics to enjoy!!

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(New Post) Day Trip to Berlin City

Today I want to tell you about the short trip to Germany’s Capital me and the lovely Mister made yesterday (15.-16. June 2011). But before we get things started I need you to get “in the grove” and whats the best to get into a Cities vibe than music?!! 😀 Here are two songs about Berlin. Enjoy!

First video is also from one of my fave bands.:)

And here comes the second video. Ready?? GO!=)

Okay lovely bunch now you are in the right mood for Berlin. 🙂 In the those two vids you had the chance to see also some sights of Germany’s Capital. Hope you liked it?!

Me and Kai road tripped to Berlin to see one of our favourite bands since years: SYSTEM OF A DOWN!!!:) They havent been in Germany for years and as we heard they would come to give one gig over here we knew..we have to GO no matter what! 🙂

We both took two days off from work and drive to Berlin early on Wednesday, 15. June. The distance between Hamburg and Berlin are 289km ( 179.57 miles) , which took us about 3 hours to ride. We already had a hotel room for the night so everything was really relaxed. After we checked in around noon, we strolled around the main shopping area called Kurfürstendamm or Ku’damm 😀

As the gig would start early, which means 7pm we havent had that much of time to go sightseeing or such. It’s not the first time we were there so it wasnt that much of a pity to don’t go seeing all the sights. We had a few shops we love to go, including a Quicksilver shop and of course the famous shopping mall KaDeWe.  The best about the shopping center is the food area. You can get EVERYTHING there. So many international brands from all sorts of Countries. flipping brilliant.

The weather in Berlin is always different from anywhere else in Germany. It was very warm and humid and strolling through those air-conditioned shops was really a relief but every now and then every shopping King&Queen needs a time out. We had our at Dolores-Berlin yummy burritos, which were really good.

It took us more than one hour through Berlin to get from the city center to the east of Berlin where the Open Air Stage Wuhlheide is. That was one exciting hour! The traffic in Berlin is MAD!!! No bicycle driveways like in Hamburg so everyone who has a bike drives as he likes on the street..cycling through the queueing cars…Parking is also very experimental in Berlin…park as you like would describe it perfectly.Dont bother that your action would cause a huge traffic….naah just GO FOR IT! 😉

We got there just in time to see the Opening act, which was Dredg .They were really good. Of course we all went mental as

System Of A Down  hit the stage around 8pm. The audience was mainly men and every now and then you saw a Girl.That was a bit unusual for me to but I didn’t mind at all. The vibe at the Open Air was amazing. Everyone was singing, dancing and rocking the mosh pit. It was the first time that I was in a Circle Pit. If you don’t know what that means -> take a look at this vid 😀  and it was freaking amazing!!! So much heat and energy. Totally blew my mind!!

Thanks to all the  youtubers out there I can show you a vid about yesterday evening rocking with System Of A Down in Berlin.

They played two hours exactly and after that we all looked like we had a shower. So sweaty and wet!! 😀 Our day ended as we drove back to the hotel along of the Bundestag (German parliament) the Brandenburger Tor and the embassies of different Countries.

I don’t need to mention that we just fell a sleep as we got back out of the shower. 😀

Day trips are great. For me they feel like pure adventure. So much to see in a little amount of time. Yes, it is super stressful and exhausting but always worth it! 😀


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Linn’s Top Ten

Today I want to share with you my 10 fave songs at the moment. As you know I LOVE music and I listen to it a lot during the day but this songs are constant companions the last several weeks and months.

  1. I Blame Coco feat. Robyn
  2. Adele \”Rolling in the Deep\”
  3. Avril Lavigne \”What the hell\”
  4. I Blame Coco \”Selfmachine\”
  5. Royal Wood \”Juilet\”
  6. Beatsteaks \”Milk and Honey\”
  7. Robyn \”Cobrastyle\”
  8. Ryan Bingham \”The weary kind\”
  9. Ryan Star \”Brand New Day\”
  10. Martin Solveig and Dragonette \”Hello\”

I also want to share with you my three  fave radio stations: The first is Radio-Canada You can listen to all sorts of great programmes but I felt in love with the Canadian Songwriters Channel! 🙂 Thank you Always Alice aka Amanda 🙂

The second radio station is a British one: Its B24Today- new music for a new day

And the thirs is a German station from the City I live in its 917xfm

What are YOUR fave songs at the moment?? Any great radio station you would love to share??!:) Great! Leave a comment!!



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Queens of the Stoneage

This week on Wednesday (25.08.2010) me and my lovely Boyfriend had tickets for the sold out Queens of the Stoneage Concert here in Hamburg.

I was super excited as I love to see bands performing live on stage. The location is one of my favourite ones here in Hamburg. Its called Stadtpark and it is a very old and really popular Park in this Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The area in which the concert took place is only a small part of the Park itself. The whole day before the concert started (at 7 p.m.) I found myself looking outside of the window hoping the weather would be good in the evening. Well, at least dry, I hoped by seeing the heavy clouds.

We did not actually went to the concert alone, as Kai brought a workmate, who shared the whole experience with us. I had never met Lena before and I was a bit shy and reserved but polite as I am always with not familiar people but it turned out that me and her had a few similar interests including snowboarding and the urge of learning to surf. So it was really funny.

We got to the Stadtpark just in time (okay we missed the Newcomer)so there were about ten minutes until the band started their set. Belive it or not! The whole concert long it was dry and we even had a beautiful blue sky! I can tell how thankful I was for that, cause Open Air and heavy rain is a bad combination! The set started with a lot of “slow” song but as time flowed by they caught up on speed. Very great moment that was!

Being able to see bands live on stage is one of my greatest pleasures. I feel so much alive and happy if I stand in that crowd singing the songs with all the others and seeing my favourite band perform. I love to dance during the songs and feeling the whole vibe and this special energy always fills me up with excitement and pure joy.

Here are a few bands I have seen in the last few years:

  • 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Nelly Furtado
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • The Hives
  • The Subways
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Marylin Manson
  • White Lies
  • Beaststeaks
  • Apocalyptica
  • Kasabian
  • Seeed
  • Runrig
  • Joss Stone
  • Rooney
  • David Garrett
  • The Wombats
  • Nneka
  • Mando Diao
  • Pennywise
  • Snow Patrol
  • Maximo Park
  • Placebo (2x)
  • Patrice (2x)
  • The 69 Eyes
  • Eminem

I am really looking forward to the next concert. I don’t know which one it’s going to be yet but one thing that is for sure –

there always be a next one!

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