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The last weekend in September I spent as a few of you already know in Helsinki.

It was not only my first trip ever to this beautiful City up north in Europe. It was also my first trip I did all by myself which makes it even more special. Sure I visited a few German Cities all by myself. I even moved into a few cities all alone but I actually never ever packed my bags and left for any foreign Country in which I havent been before. As you can imagine I was really, really excited to get ready for the trip. Every now and then whilst sitting in the bus driving to Hamburg Airport or waiting for boarding while sipping a Coffee I got that huge smile on my face and that thought in my mind ” I am really doing this”, which made me more than happy.

It only took a bit more than 1 h to fly to Helsinki and I am never going to forget this moment as the airplane flew out of the cotton clouds and you could see the Baltic Sea with so many small Islands before there was the mainland and the City of  Helsinki.  Another first was that I finally got to meet Heidi, which is the person I know since “there was the Internet” 😉 You know since back in the “Myspace” times we are friends. Around 10 years that must be! Not the closest but over the years we changed Social Networks and we also had major changes in our own personal lives, we also had times in which we havent wrote to each other for a while but we always stayed in touch. Now was the time to MEET! 😀

What can I say. It was an amazing weekend. I thought it would be way colder you know silly of me to think only if it’s “Up North” it  has to be much colder but it was the same temperature as in Hamburg. Oddly it felt actually a bit warmer in Helsinki. Heidi picked me up from the Airport and I was astounded that there was so much forest along the streets. Quite a shock when you come from a “crowded” City where there only are a certain areas filled with some woods. We dropped of my bag and went to the City! Strolled around before I had my first Dinner on Suomi ground, which was superb! Fresh Salmon, Mashed Potatoes and honey glazed veggies! We spent the Friday Night seeing Don Johnson Big Band which was very cool! It’s a Finnish band and me, Heidi and a friend of hers really had some fun. Some Blueberry shots with whipped cream were involved at some point as well 😛 … After the gig I got the chance to get a picture with Tommy Lindgren the main voice of the band and Elina a friend of Heidi’s.

After the gig we went into a Club, which name I can’t remember… The finnish songs always make me smile as I find it’s a fun language. I like the sound of it and it sounds even more fun when used in songs! Danced all the night away! 🙂

The Saturday started with a proper sleep in. We got ourselves wrapped up warm before we headed to the city center. We strolled around until we reached the harbour.

We took the Ferry to head to Suomenlinna , which is am amazingly large and intact Sea Fortress on an Island before the gates of  Helsinki. (Click on the name and the link brings you to the visitors page, which has a brilliant picture of the Fortress!)  Did you noticed that my name is in the Fortress’s name? I might even go back and claim it!! 😉 We walked along the impressive Fortress. There are a few houses on the island in which people live in during the year and you can even find a supermarket and a few Cafès. There is a long waiting list for people who applied to want to live on the Island. Just a info if you had that thought as well…

Hungry and a bit freezing we got home to Heidi’s where here boyfriend Saku prepared a lovely Salmon meal. The best I have eaten in a while! He mixed green pesto and a Russian sour cream and covered the Salmon with it and put into the oven to bake for around 1h. We had potatoes with it! Simple but yet sooo good! 😛

The next party was about to rise so we got dressed and headed back to town to party in Heidi’s fave location PERKELE. I met so many cool and funny people there and let me tell you the Finnish people know how to party HARD!! 😀 Shirtless men danced on top of everything. Headbanging hair everywhere and shouting and singing in the whole club!!  Hard rocking metal freaks who all of a sudden behave like perfect Gentleman if a “quiet” song was played. I got asked twice from different Finnish man if I they could have that dance with me. This memory really makes me smile because it was such a wonderful experience and totally unexpected for myself. Loved it!!! ❤

We were at Heidi’s somewhere around 5:30 a.m and grabbed a few hours of sleep before it was time for me to fly back home.

It was a perfect weekend! So much fun with people I barely know!!! Sexy people everywhere covered with lots of tattoos and pirecings!  The way the finnish celebrate and behave was unusual but very much my cup of tea!!!  I hope to be back at some point as there is so much more to see in this City! I can imagine how wonderful it must be during summertime when you have a proper Picnic at the Fortress Suomenlinna along with every other Suomi living in the city. The next time I am bringing more money, too!!  Helsinki turned out to be the expansive place I have ever been too!! It topped Cities like London, Oslo, Stockholm…

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Thank you again Heidi for having me. For showing me YOUR HELLSINKI!! It really was more than a pleasure!! 🙂


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(New Post) Linn on playtime

As some of you might know I have had the week 12-18.3. off of work. Needed to get “rid” of left-over holidays from last year. :d that wasnt a hard task at all. Here is what I did:


After a long sleep in I  started the day pretty lazy. Listened to music….hung on the blue sofa, annoyed the Mister and surfed the web. The resting was pretty much-needed but as the afternoon turned into evening I was out and about to see ENTER SHIKARI. One of my favourite british bands! Me and the Mister met up with our mate Helge earlier and had a few pre-gig drinks before we hit the venue.

Support band Young Guns

really rocked the crowed. Enter Shikari really were epic!!! So much fun and great lads! Another great gig to remember!!


After a long night out I was so ready to take it relaxed on Tuesday. Wrote blog post and prepared a little “Sending Love Around” postcard-surprise-action. Keep an eye on your mail box in the next few weeks maybe you are one of the lucky ones who’ll get one of these! 😉Wednesday

Today it was time to hit the movie theaters. Nahh, not in the evenings in the early afternoon. So you have plenty of day left afterwords!;) It’s so funny to see all the “silver foxes” and elderly gangs who hit the movies on this time of the day as well while every other person still is working!^^

I really enjoyed watching Meryl Streep “playing the compelling story of Margaret Thatcher, a woman who smashed through the barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male-dominated world”. The movie also enlighten an important aspect in world history to me which I havent yet had time to work myself into. I can highly recommend this movie! If you have the chance go and see it

After I got back home I treated myself with a yummy take-away Dinner!

Sushi!!! 😀 It’s SO GOOD and one of my favourite food! Anyone agrees? 🙂


As I couldn’t remember properly when I was in a museum for the last time I decided it would be fun to go. When I can’t remember it was definitely also way too long! 😉

I visited the Museum for art and craft  (= German: Kunst und Gewerbe) as they had a an homage of Alexander McQueens works as  flying exhibition. As you don’t know the late McQueen- he was a british Fashion Designer, who founded his own brand but who designed Haute Couture for Gucci and Givenchy.

Loved strolling around all by myself in my own time. It wasnt too crowded but I saw a few tourists, which was nice.


As the weather turned out to be so bright sunny and warm I made myself all comfy on our balcony. Snuggled under a blanket in my fave chair had beverages right next to me and guess what? Sat outside for hours reading. That was totally amazing and so relaxing. I love to read but hadn’t had the time for it the last weeks so I was totally stoked.


ST PATRICK’S DAY!!! 😀 Yeah, I know I am German and it isn’t really a big thing over here but if you lost your heart to Ireland and all things celtic its a fun thing to get yourself settled in an Irish Pub, watch the Six Nations Rugby and drink Kilkenny! 😀 That’s exactly what I did with some lovely company


Guess what?? 😀

Stayed at home after getting home late and rather tipsy! 😀 Had a lovely end of my holiday at home and it proves right that you can have a decent time off even if you stay at home. You only need to make up your mind and simple give it a go. It was the first time in a long time that I went to the movies or to the museum all by myself. Its odd at first but I have to admid that I loved it being all focused on myself and dont have to bother. Rather relaxing sometimes.


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(New Post) The End of Summer and how we celebrated it

This last summer weekend was a weekend full of joy, laughter, great music, wonderful weather and making new friends. I loved every single minute and feel utterly blessed to have such a wonderful memory now.

Remember that me and the Mister went to Munich last July weekend to visit Lena?! Right. First September weekend she packed her bags and visited us up north in Hamburg. We had such a blast:

Went out for lovely Sushi,  I took her on sightseeing the whole Saturday afternoon.  Rocked hard at the Open Air gig together with The Subways, The Beatsteaks and a few workmates. I loved the Open Air.

It was sunny and warm and I even got myself a new The Subway’s Shirt! 😀 We also met some completely strangers, which was fun. We all partied at the Reeperbahn after the gig and went home in the early morning hours.

Sunday we slept pretty long,  had a huge hearty breakfast and visited the largest Medieval Festival in Germany.  I wrote about it last year. If you wanna check go here:

I even got the chance to try archery for the first time in my life. I was really really stoked as it was so much fun!! I LOVE trying new things!!:)

We ended this sunny weekend with a movie on our huge screen.

I loved having Lena. We spent so many time outside in the sun, in different cafès,  rocked hard and had great conversations. We had fun in a large group at the Gig and even met new friends. Such a blessed weekend and I am truly thankful. There isnt much to say beside:  “Goodbye Summer- see you NEXT year” 🙂

Here are some pics to enjoy!!

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(New Post) My first Tweet-UP

A few of you know that I am on Twitter. It’s almost 1 year since I am on their now. I don’t need to mention how I love to tweet and making friends on there. :))

Over this past year I made several picture postcard exchanges and send and received birthday cards or packages to people who became my friends.

But one thing didn’t happen: A Tweet-up. I have never meet anyone I tweet with.

  That changed TODAY!!! 😀

Today I met @BienAgiter and @Helena_Jackson .Two Teenage Girls who live in Hamburg. It was a short but really fun meeting. We had Bubble Tea and laughed a lot. 🙂 I am happy that it was so joyful and not awkward at all, even though I was super nervous before the meeting. The Girls told me they were nervous too. lol^^

Next time we meet for yummy Sushi! (Cant waaiiit)

Thank you so much for the lovely time Girls! See you soon!!


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(New Post) My 30th Birthday and a totally amazing Trip

Today I am going to share my Birthday with you. As some of you know I turned 30 on a Tuesday, 23, which is as you all may agree  not a very party like day.

I had a hard time figure out if I want to have a party with friends and family or how to spend the day in general. I had no idea, as I had to work the Saturday before and after my Birthday.

To make a long story short….I was allowed to take the Saturday before my special day off and I was got surprised with a wonderful present.

My Mister gave my A WEEKEND IN PARIS for my Birthday, which was totally amazing.

We left rainy and grey Hamburg early on Friday to be 1,5 h later in Paris. It was so beautiful. Perfect weather, blue sky and the sun was wonderful warm. After we checked in we did sight-seeing the whole Friday. Of course we visited The Eifelturm, Sacre Coeur, Palais de Chaillot, Arc de Triomph, Grand & Petit Palais. We went shopping in the famous Galerie Lafayette…Had wonderful Sushi in a sweet place. Simply perfect day all in all.

We spent the second day at Disneyland Paris. I truly loved this place! Its magical and so much fun wandering through the park, entering all the different rollercoaster and seeing happy people all over the place. Super positive vibes everywhere!

I also had the chance to meet a very special person:

We started our last day with a typical French Breakfast in a local café, which was lovely. In fact the breakfast itself was rather simple but to have a simply Breakfast in Paris was sweet! After that we strolled along the Seine, visit the Louvre but only on the outside cause the que was freaking long. You wouldnt belive it!  We had a yummy crepe sitting on a wall near Notre Dame while the sun was out. We left Paris in the early evening, the sun kiss still on our faces.

It was the first time I was ever in France as traveling through doesn’t count for me. I had a blast seeing all the Sights, the multi cultural people, who live there, mostly Africans, Jamaicans, People from India, Pakistan and all over Asia. I loved how “colorful” Paris is. We had a few pity moments as not everyone speaks English,which was a bit stressful.It was a wonderful and memorial gift and my Mister really knows how to spoil me. Gotta love that Man!!! 🙂

On the Tuesday, which was my actual Birthday I took the day off. After sleeping long I made myself French Toast and a big Mug of Coffee while going through all the lovely birthday cards I got and the messages on Facebook and Twitter. I never thought that so many people would congrate me. It was sweet and I am very, very grateful! Then I went out for shopping as I needed to have a new Business Outfit for the Saturday at work. We spent the evening at the movies seeing “Captain America”, which was a fun way to end a birthday.

I also got surprised by two foreign packages and one card. One package from UK by the lovely Adele and the other one by the wonderful Kate. The sweet birthday card was sent by the dearest Janet  I am so thankful to really have friends out there. It’s not “just” Socialmedia. Its making true friends. Friends for life. 🙂 Love you Ladies! ❤

Thank you again for all your congrats and wishes they mean the world to me!!!

Here are some impressions around my birthday. Enjoy!

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Much love*Linn

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(New Post) ..and this little Blog turned 1

Hello and welcome to this birthday blog post.

One year ago I started writing this blog and I am surprised that I am still into it. Blogging about things, which happen in my life. Things I love to do like cooking, traveling, reading, visiting concerts, filmfests and so much more.

Looking back I struggled in my first few posts. I wasnt sure how to write and what to put on here but that phase passed. During this first year of blogging I changed the blogs name from “High Tea with Linn” into “My Life As Linn”, as I found it more personal more Me. If you know what I mean?!

I am always happy to get response and the statistic from my last post “A weekend in pictures: Munich” just blew me away. 92 people took some time to view the photos I have posted on one day. And around 30 people the days after I posted them! That made me happy and also made me think to do such photo post much more often.

One pity thought there is: I wish I had more time to blog more regular. I have lots of  ideas pile up but simply not the time to sit down to write between work, everyday stuff and the events I enter but I try more harder to write more properly.

And last but not least. THANK YOU. Thank you to all you people out there, who read my blog and comment. That means so much to me.

Mucho love and lets roll on a second year of blogging!


(New Post) BENTO- The Lunch Experience

After seeing a report on TV about the Japanese way of taking lovely prepared Lunches to school, kindergarten and to work I was super excited.

Since I work since last year in November, I searched for a good and fun way to have lunch as you can’t afford to go to a restaurant every day even though the prices are between  5- 12 Euro for a Lunch including a drink. But whats the alternative? Take a sandwich? Or buy one at a local bakery? Having a Kebab or a Burger? Too boring and not that healthy either.

Taking a Bento with to work was the solution!

But what exactly is a BENTO?? Take  a look at this wonderful  video, who explains it very well:

I hope you are as excited as I was!! Me and the lovely Mister decided to buy one of the boxes and a few little supplies to get started. You can buy bento boxes and supplies here:

We got our boxes from Casabento, which we totally love.

To get started you either head over to YouTube and search for videos around Bento making. There are a few! Or you take a look on these links, which really helped me to get inspired. You find cute bento pictures and also recipes, guiding and A LOT OF FUN AND INSPIRATION!! These are only a few sites. You can find lots out there!

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(New Post) A weekend in Pictures: Munich

Me and the Mister spend the last July Weekend at a friend’s home near Munich. It was my first visit and all I can say is: We had so much fun exploring, tasting and partying Bavaria’s capital… 🙂 It’s a great city with fun and friendly people and we are definitely coming back for more…:)


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Linn’s Top Ten

Today I want to share with you my 10 fave songs at the moment. As you know I LOVE music and I listen to it a lot during the day but this songs are constant companions the last several weeks and months.

  1. I Blame Coco feat. Robyn
  2. Adele \”Rolling in the Deep\”
  3. Avril Lavigne \”What the hell\”
  4. I Blame Coco \”Selfmachine\”
  5. Royal Wood \”Juilet\”
  6. Beatsteaks \”Milk and Honey\”
  7. Robyn \”Cobrastyle\”
  8. Ryan Bingham \”The weary kind\”
  9. Ryan Star \”Brand New Day\”
  10. Martin Solveig and Dragonette \”Hello\”

I also want to share with you my three  fave radio stations: The first is Radio-Canada You can listen to all sorts of great programmes but I felt in love with the Canadian Songwriters Channel! 🙂 Thank you Always Alice aka Amanda 🙂

The second radio station is a British one: Its B24Today- new music for a new day

And the thirs is a German station from the City I live in its 917xfm

What are YOUR fave songs at the moment?? Any great radio station you would love to share??!:) Great! Leave a comment!!



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Thank you TWITTER

Thank you Twitter for let me get in touch with so many nice people. People from all over the world. Every Person so fun and unique.

Because of Twitter, I got to know Andrew , the positive, polite and fun chap on the Isle in the Channel. Who loves to read as much as I do, loves movies and good food. Without Andrew, there wouldn’t be this blog. Thank you Andrew for being so wonderful, charming and encouraging as you are.

Because of  Twitter, I learned a bit more about Genealogy and how fun it is to search for Family roots. I found out how the life near the Yorkshire Dales is and I am so much in love with the landscape that Mike calls his home.

Because of you Twitter my repertoire of baking recipes growed and is still growing. Thank you Emma for your love of all sorts of baking. You really make me want to try and bake more. Your recipe of the Crispy Mars Cake- heaven!! I am glad we are in the same “drooling club”: Alex O\’ Loughlin and love all sorts of Cath Kidston.

Because of you Twitter, I know that they have fun looking umbrella-holder in Shopping centers in Japan and I found out that some of the guinea pigs in this world are grand-pigs and love to relax under Laptops. I got surprised and fascinated by astrology and pictures of the moon. Thank you  Adele aka my Gilpy for all the fun things in your life.

Because of you Twitter, I learned that pigeons make a perfect and cheap roasted Dinner. I watched you changing and have been introduced to some wicked singer/ songwriters from the UK. Someday I so want to join you on your shooting tour, Rachael. Thank you for being awesome and a completely wonderful YOU.

Because of you Twitter I got teached and feel more familiar with the British lifestyle. I got to know a strong woman, who owns a beautiful old house. Found out that there is always another fun and stylish haircut out there. Always sweet, caring and polite. A God-mom like myself. You are a truly Lady: Cate .

Because of you Twitter, I got inspired by the lovely Amber . Through her I am now a Scrapbooker and Crafter. Really surprisingly as I never thought something creative could ever by a hobby of mine. Maybe sewing is next-who knows?! 🙂 Thank you for your open spirit and your uncomplicated behavior you made crafting and creating look so fun and easy. Do-able. Your love for crafting always shines through you and is truly inspiring! Perfect!

Because of  Twitter I get to know a former Model and Carer of people. I am more a Magazine reader because of you. Thank you Rowena for the way you see things. For having “great-minds-think-alike” moments with me.

Because of Twitter, I really, really want to visit New York. Want to “smell” the special spirit and feel the heartbeat in the City of Cities. “If you only be a visitor the City of NY is a great host.” Thank you  Janet that this NY vibe is touchable in your tweets. Thank you for always checking on me. You are the bomb-and always up to something new. Cooking adventures, photography experiments…Keep ’em coming Girl!

Thank you, you wonderful people, who tweet with me since more than over a  1 year. Thank you for finding a Picturepostcard exchange not weird nor obtrusive rather than fun and agreed to a joyful sending of Christmas Cards as well. I could even tasted a piece of United Kingdom, because of the sweets exchange with Adele and a goodie box exchange with the dearest Cate. 🙂

There are a lot more people, I tweet with. Charming and fun too but those above are special, because they becoming friends in real life more and more.

Thank you for all your love and support but mostly THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU:

Adele, Andrew, Amber, Cate, Emma, Jane, Mike, Rachael and Rowena.

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