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(New Post) The End of Summer and how we celebrated it

This last summer weekend was a weekend full of joy, laughter, great music, wonderful weather and making new friends. I loved every single minute and feel utterly blessed to have such a wonderful memory now.

Remember that me and the Mister went to Munich last July weekend to visit Lena?! Right. First September weekend she packed her bags and visited us up north in Hamburg. We had such a blast:

Went out for lovely Sushi,  I took her on sightseeing the whole Saturday afternoon.  Rocked hard at the Open Air gig together with The Subways, The Beatsteaks and a few workmates. I loved the Open Air.

It was sunny and warm and I even got myself a new The Subway’s Shirt! 😀 We also met some completely strangers, which was fun. We all partied at the Reeperbahn after the gig and went home in the early morning hours.

Sunday we slept pretty long,  had a huge hearty breakfast and visited the largest Medieval Festival in Germany.  I wrote about it last year. If you wanna check go here:

I even got the chance to try archery for the first time in my life. I was really really stoked as it was so much fun!! I LOVE trying new things!!:)

We ended this sunny weekend with a movie on our huge screen.

I loved having Lena. We spent so many time outside in the sun, in different cafès,  rocked hard and had great conversations. We had fun in a large group at the Gig and even met new friends. Such a blessed weekend and I am truly thankful. There isnt much to say beside:  “Goodbye Summer- see you NEXT year” 🙂

Here are some pics to enjoy!!

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Traveling back in Time

How often do we wish to explore different times, decades and centuries? Taste Meals people back in the days eaten everyday. Wear clothes with natural fabric and colors. Feel the simplicity of  day-to-day life and structure of society…

I can only speak for myself and every now and then I would love to pack my bags and travel. Not just into a different Country rather into a completely other time. I truly fancy the British Regency Period with all their elegance, perfect manners, fashion and literature (as you know I am a huge fan of Jane Austen’s novels) but right after that the Middle or so-called Dark Ages keep my interest.

Three days ago me and my Mister had the second chance this summer to travel into the depth of Medieval. After spending a whole day at a Viking Festival in the begin of August, which was held about 1 hour away from Hamburg, we had now the luck that the Dark Age Fest took place in the north-east of  Hamburg only a few car minutes from our apartment.

It was a wonderful and big Festival area at the Öjendorfer Lake. Our time travel started after a short walk through the Park at the entry. So many people all ages dressed up like chevalier’s, Highlander, nobleman, warrior, soldiers..

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As time travelers me and Kai had not typical clothes with us but we didn’t felt odd in our normal fashion. We had a splendid time walking through the green grass along the shiny white tents. There were lots of different trader all dressed up and showing their handicraft. What beautiful dresses, leather bags, belts and armour we have seen!

Between the trader tents there also were little wooden houses that offered refreshments. But such a Festival is much more than shopping and food in a different location. Medieval gatherings do always have shows like different kind of battles. Soldier against soldier or a strong battle including horses&riders. There were also a falconer showing their well-trained hawks, fakir and juggler, who entertained the audience with their skills and comic talent.

All over the place there were like 5 stages and you had the chance to see some great bands playing Pagan-Folk, Medieval inspired or simply Scottish or Irish music with bagpipes, bodhran and tin whistle. As it got darker all over the place you can watched candles, lantern’s and torches were switched on and the whole area became mystical. You really got the feeling of visiting a different time. As the bonfire were on, we sat on a bench before stage 2 and saw FAUN in concert. I was very in that moment sitting right next to the man, I love, feeling the warmth of the close bonfire and hear the songs of an almost forgotten time. The view into the darkness was simply stunning as you hardly saw any people but an ocean of fireplaces, torches and candles and above all a dark blue sky with stars sparkling like Diamonds. Sipping a hot apple tea against the coolness of the first autumn evening I was all together  peaceful and thankful for such a great experience.

On our travel back home into the 2010’s we got company by two cute little fellas. May I introduce to you Biffy and Luna:

They will always remind us what a great day we had at the  Medieval Festival on Saturday sept. 2010.

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