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(New Post) 25. Fantasy Filmfest

Third week of August it was, my lovely readers, which means a whole week full of wonderful movies, special people, who are going out to watch them and delightful atmosphere.

It’s the vibe that always hits me when I line up with all the movie Fans all excited to see movies, which sometimes don’t fit in a specific Genre or have the chance to rule the big Movie Theatres, even though they are brilliant.

It’s the joy of art in movies, joy about well drawn characters, joy of really good music. To sum it up, the joy of being very well entertained.

That is why me and the Mister entered the Fantasy Filmfest for the third time. This year we could only see 2 out of  70 movies as we were in Paris the weekend during the Filmfest. Pity that was but you can’t simply have everything, right?! 😉

The first movie we have seen was a creepy remake from producer Guillermo del Toro named “DONT BE AFRAID OF THE DARK”. I love his way of producing and his talent for weird-looking creatures as you can see in the movie Pans Labyrinth or HELL BOY II The Golden Army. It was such an exciting movie and I was thrilled and creeped out every single minute! 😀 I felt also a tinsy bit special because all the people who watched the movie with us were in fact the first people on this earth who did as we could see it before the US release!!! 😀 Lucky us. Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison played the main characters. I simply loved Bailee’s acting she is so amazing!!!

The second movie called “ATTACK THE BLOCK” by Joe Cornish. Its hyper hilarious, fun but also really, really scary at times. You hear the adrenalin pumping in your ears. I havent seen such an amazing movie in years!!! Great young actors, cool coming of age story meets Alien invasion in a huge apartement block in London. Splendid dialogues cracked me up all the time. Fantastic piece of movie with a bloody brilliant soundtrack. Will surly get this one! 🙂

Here comes the trailer:

I so can’t wait for next years Fantasy Filmfest. I love how exciting everyone is after the movie. It’s common sense that you applaud after the movie and for sure give scene applause after a fun, cool or exciting moment! Its how watching movies in theatres should be, I find! Fun, entertaining and with a grateful crowed who really appreciate the movie they’ve seen.

Till next year than when its time for the 26. Fantasy Filmfest!

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24. Fantasy Film Festival Hamburg

Every year in the middle of August it is time to enter the Cinema for some wonderful, great, innovative, thrilling and shocking movies. It is time for the Fantasy Film Festival

My wonderful boyfriend and me are always keen to see those movies as they aren’t Hollywood produced movies and it is very refreshing to see very good movies without the A-Liga Stars with well-known names.

From 18.09 until 25. 08 they showed 101 movies. It was again very hard to decide which films we are about to see as you can’t sit in then cinema for 24h. We cut it back until we had 3 movies left. We have seen Solomon Kane

on Saturday and it simply blowed us away. A great Story, stunning pictures and great characters. The second movie called Centurion also a movie played  in the wonderful United Kingdom. I simply love Michael Fassbender and he played again very well. An epic, rough but great movie. Very deep Characters and amazing Nature scene. We have seen our last movie yesterday evening. Not a typical Fantasy movie but extraordinary still. Maybe someone knows Four Lions ? It was hilarious from Minute 1 until the end but it truly has some deep moments and some where you ask yourself if it is appropriate to laugh or not. I really can recommend those movies and maybe you agree and see one after watching the trailer.

Would love to hear from you if you have seen some of the movies already or after you have seen them.:)

The funny thing about a Fantasy Film Festival is…yes the movies but right after that…the PEOPLE, who are going to see these movies. I love to watch people and I nearly cracked up as I saw that there are a certain bunch of people. Some would call them *Nerds or *Geeks or *Freaks or *IT’s or *Gamer or *Roleplayer… what so ever. The most of the things they shared was 1st. an i-phone 2nd a Gamer-Shirt with a geeky sentence on it or a pixel drawing or some large animals mostly the shirts were in black.  3rd the Glasses. A large group of these people had large black glasses on their noses. And some of them had books carried with them-can you guess it-  they were all Terry Pratchett books and OF COURSE in English. Last but not least I distinguish two groups of Fantasy Film Festival people. The tall and skinny dudes with huge glasses and long hair and the well, the thickly dudes with almost no hair and no glasses.

I am not a hater or so. I simply find it funny that there were so many people on that Festival but they had such a similar taste in clothes, cellphones, books and of course movies. A large Community and I am sure I will see them again-next year.

Written by *The geeky Girl with black Specs*

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