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Hello you all.

This summer me and Amber become friends and while we wrote each other and by reading her blog posts and viewing some of her photos I become engaged to Scrapbooking. Maybe some of you may ask: SCRAPBOOKING? Whats THAT?? Never heard of this…well take a look atΒ that and you will know. πŸ™‚

With a little support by Amber, who is truly a Scrapbook-Queen in my eyes I started to dive closer into the world of paper, ribbons, cardstock… I found a few shops in my area who sell scrapbook products and I was really excited and well, totally overwhelemed after visiting one of those shops. That was my first purchase:

As there were a few birthdays in a row I started with crafting Birthdaycards. It was the easiest way to start as I havent had any basic techniques or so…

In fact I never thought I would start crafting with paper in my whole life as I was such a crafting dummy in my childhood! LoL!

Until now I only made cards but I am looking forward to step up soon. Thanks to the amazing Amber who told me about December Daily I really fancy about doing that. I will see. Going to do some research and reading first before I decide whether to join the project or not.

I must admit I am a bit sad that Germany isn’t THE SCRAPBOOK COUNTRY which means we have only small stores with only small selection. So the only thing which might be an option is to order in online shops. I am really old-fashioned in some things that I don’t wanna buy online as there are clothes and handicraft supplies. I wanna have those items in my hand feel the fabric and quality. It would be truly awesome to go scrapbook shopping in the USA. πŸ™‚

There is another thing that crossed my way during my first steps in Scrapbook world. I tend to crop alone as I don’t have close friends here in my area who would join me. I am sure it would be huge fun to have a crop with some Girls you know!!:) Maybe someday. But for now here are some of the things I made. It isnt much but I hope you enjoy it anway.

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Enjoy and let me know what you think! πŸ™‚