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(NEW POST) Lovely Tunes For Cold Days

I thought I wanted to share some of my fave songs with you. Songs perfectly for these cold days. Days with less sunshine and more wind and rain. I don’t know how about you but for myself this time of the year when Fall slowly turns into Winter I like to be at home. Enjoying the warmth of a hot cocoa or a tea. Snuggled up with a blanket or even better the boy and listen to songs. Mellow ones. Sometimes sad songs. melancholic Melodies.  But all beautiful ones.

What is your fave tune for cold days? Maybe it is one you hear every year during the Fall& Winter Season. I would love to know. Comment below!! 🙂

Lots of Love*Linn


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(New Post) Thank you 2011! You have been a brilliant year!

Almost gone is one of the best years of my life. This past year was full of new things, full of fun things and things out of which memories are build.

I got to start the year of 2011 with the satisfaction of having a job which is totally made for me.

I work as a Social Worker at a Church Community Center. Our passion and duty is to invent projects for Woman.  We for example qualify them, we build up a Mummy Helpline or a Sewing-cafe to get them together with other woman. We are a lobby for Woman and work for equal rights. It’s really a blessing working there in a team of three other woman.

I started a few new things in the beginning of the new year. Some of them like Ballet, I did for years others, like Patchwork and NIA I wanted to try out for the first time. I loved being back in dance class again as that’s the perfect form for me to express myself. Not so much the patchworking- a bit too advanced for a sewing newbie! 😉

I had a fun time at our grandchildren meet up at my grannies around Easter!! This was the first time that my Twinnie, my little brother and our spouses meet up without my Mum’s.

I saw Joyce Meyer preaching for the first time in Hamburg, which was very  inspirational.
I visited Munich and Paris for the first time in my life and I am defenetly coming back some day. Great cities to visit!

I got the chance to see the Beatsteaks and The Subways in Hamburg twice,  System of a Down on their only German Concert in Berlin, Ryan Bingham, Shantel and Monster Magnet also in Hamburg. You know I am a fan of Concerts and one of my fave bands are The Subways. So it was an amazing day as I got the chance to finally meet them, talk to them face to face and see their sound check and the gig later. Truly amazing day and such fab people! 🙂

I spent my first vacation in Asia, which was 3 weeks of unbelievably brilliant-ness. The weather, the uber friendly people, travelling with the backpack through Java and Bali. I climbed an active volcano, released a little turtle into the ocean, got the chance to hold an asian palm civet and learned how to surf in tropical water!!:D

I am going to close this year of 2011 as I started it: in Norway! 🙂 I am going to visit my twin-sister and her Girlfriend and spend New Years in the beautiful land of Norway!! 🙂

I know that this year was more than amazing and I am truly thankful for what has happened. I know that not every year is going to be like this past one. For me 2010 was the shabbiest I have had. So I feel very grateful and I am looking forward to the upcoming year. Knowing that it is going to be different but nevertheless unique!

Thank you 2011. You have been amazing! Love*Linn

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Christmas Card Exchange

Hello everyone,

its been a while that I wrote something on here. Lots of things to do- on work and in my spare time but now I am on holidays I wanted to catch up on here. 🙂

Christmas is over and I hope you all had a blessed and fun time with family, friends and your loved ones?!

Soon all the Christmas spirit and decoration is gone again for another year but before its all back to normal I wanted to share with you the wonderful Christmas Cards I have got this season.

Oh right, maybe some of you dont know whats behind a Christmas Card Exchange.  Last year I had the idea to write Christmas Cards to the people, who become close friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Last year, it was my first year on twitter too, I wrote Cards to six people.

This season, I got 13 Cards from England, Scotland, Canada, Germany, USA, Austria and Ireland!! 😀 They made the weeks before Christmas really special.

Thank you again Cate, Betty, Andrew&Sarah, Annie, Sue& Tony, Emma, Rhys& Helen, Rachael& Glen, Janet, Dave, Sonja, Adele& Adrian!!! Love you to pieces!!


(New Post) How to make your own Strawberry Jam

I love this season…everything grows. The smell of flowers in the air. The Winter is long gone and the first fruits and veggies start to grow on the fields and  in your own garden. This is a short, a precious time of the year.

What if you had the chance to bring some of the summer smell into the Winter?! This warm..summerous taste of sweet and heavy fruits that brings back all your summer memories??

Well, you can and it is really, really simple! 🙂 Make your own jam or marmalade. Do I hear…oh noo, that’s too much work? Or maybe. D’uhhh that’s way too difficult??!

What if I tell you that it really IS simple and it doesn’t take more than at least 45 minutes until you have your own homemade tasty Jelly in hands?! 🙂

Come along. I’ll show you:)  But to get in the mood…we need a “soundtrack”

What fits better than this old Beatles song?:)  Strawberry Fields Forever


For your own homemade Jelly you only need, gelling sugar (canning sugar) and glasses to preserve them in. THATS IT!:D

Step 1.

Before we get started we need some fresh glasses to preserve our homemade Jelly later. Be sure you wash them out with boiling water before using them.

Step 2.

Wash the fruits and cut them into pieces. Be sure you weigh out the whole gram of  fruits you need. Be exact on that! On the pack of my gelling sugar it says 1000 g  fruits for  500g Sugar.  So the proportion is 2:1 So more fruits than sugar.

Step 3.

I like my jam with a smooth texture so I mix all the fruits with a hand- held blender, but if you like to have your jam with strawberry pieces leave them in pieces.

Step 4.

Bring the sugar and the fruits together and stir well so that you wont have any globs. I use to add a bit of Vanilla extract to the strawberry sugar mass to give the Jam a bit of a richer flavour but that’s just me. You don’t need to do that.

Step 5.

Put your Strawberry-Sugar- Mix into a large pot and heat it on a middle temperature so it’s slowly going to boil. Be sure you keep stiring all the time.

Step 6.

If you see lots of bubbles rising and its boiling fast you take a look at your clock. The mass needs to boil exact 3 minutes on high temperatures while you stir all the time so that it wont get burned.

Step 7.

Pour your strawberry sugar Mix into your glasses but leave a bit of space above. Close with the lid.

Step 8.

This is something my Grandma told me. After you closed the filled glass turn it over. So that the glass stands on the lid. Leave it like this for a few hours. It helps the preservation but don’t ask me how…:D I just do as she told me and none of my jams went rotten in all the years that I make my own Jelly.:)

Step 9.

I know you are curious to try your own homemade jelly but leave it for a few days (3-4) so that the conservation is compleated after trying it for the first time.

Step 10.

My congrats if you followed me all to the end you will have your own homemade Jelly in hands. 🙂 Its going to put a smile on your face every time you eat it. See, it wasnt that complicated. 🙂 I knew you would do it!

So ENJOY and keep in mind that you have made your own product now. It’s all organic and you know exactly whats in it. Different from the Jam you buy in the Store. That is something that is important for me and this knowledge adds a little bonus to making your own Jam, I find.



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(New Post) Primavera- Or hurray its Spring!!!

I don’t know if you recognized it. (Hehe, I am SURE YOU DID!!)  The snow has melted away some time ago. The sun is out more often and it slowly getting warmer. The air is mild and it all of a sudden has a smell, which wasnt there before.

Early mornings  there is an almost forgotten sound. The Birds are back, in love and ready to build a Nest. These mornings outside are cheerful and energetic and at the same time so gentle and lovely as the air, which touches your skin.

Inhale and exhale and you feel the joy rising in you! With every sparkle of sun dancing on your face  your smile is getting bigger. You feel the urge of movement. You feel alive again! It is like your whole body slept during the winter and is now kissed awake by Spring.

I so missed the sun and the feeling of warmth and heat on my skin. I missed seeing all the colors. The fresh green grass, the early blossoms of white and pink and then ALL these Flowers!!! Between the grass and in every corner you can see all those planted delights in yellow, purple, rosa, red….All these colors are usual but after a long winter white almost no colors they seem richer and brighter. Dont you agree?!

I love sitting on the bench on our balcony. Kept warm by a blanket and accompanied by a mug full of tea or Coffee and a great book. It’s like a holiday to spent the whole afternoon like this. It’s so refreshing to inhale all the fantastic mild air. So soothing. Now that the days are longer again I try to spend as much time outside as I can. Going out for a walk or decide to not take the bus back home instead of walking. I relax on the balcony or let the windows open as much as I can.

How do you welcome Spring? Do you clean like mental (like our moms and grannies used to did) or put everything back into place? Do you maybe have a garden and get busy and spent time preparing him? Do you maybe try recipes or dishes, which you only prepare during Spring time??

Tell me. I would love to know.



P.S. But wait! There is a tinsy bit I DONT like about Spring. I am allergic to all those cute lil blossoms on the trees and the grass…so from now on I am on meds again. Boo. I dont blame Spring…its just like it is. Right?!

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Merry Christmas you all

My dear friends,  followers and people of the internet.

This season is one of my favourites of all time. It was such an exciting and happy time. We had snow here in Hamburg since the end of November and the feeling of real Winter was present all the time.  Some things are really different this year. As we had guests on the first of Advent, which we havent had before and we went to Advent gatherings to family and friends. We decorated early this year on the 1st of December instead of Christmas eve. What a jolly good time that was. The smell of brewing coffee, bakery and fresh made delights were overwhelming and so comfortable.

But the best cookie doesn’t taste if you eat it all alone. So the best thing of the Christmas season are gatherings…its cold outside and also dark and everyone is crowded together..around the warm and light places. At work, at home, at friends. It’s a special time where relationships are build and grow stronger and when people show each other how much they care for one and another. They write Christmas Cards to spread the love or do Charity to show people who havent got enough that there is someone out there who really cares.

Thats what makes it so special and that is what Christmas is all about: Spreading LOVE around the world..where you live and into the lives of so many people through social networks, letters, packages or through donating. The world is getting closer through this and it even lightens up! Thats what God thought as he made us  his favourite creation a very special gift. God became a child to show us how much he cares for us. He become one of us to get connected with us to serve us and teach us. God brought light into this world and we should remember that CHRISTmas is a time to celebrate the HOPE and LIGHT and LOVE in this world.

I am going to celebrate this Christmas with all of my family in the west of Germany. I am so looking forward to that as it is going to be the first Christmas where we celebrate with all “the kids” and there spouses at our grannies home. On second Christmas day me and my Mister drive up north to celebrate with his family before we leave for Norway on 27.12. Me, my twin-sister and our spouses are going to spend a whole week in a holiday house on a small island in the Fjord of Norway. Time to relax….reading a good book, playing games, watching movies and cooking together. Pure quality time. I am really excited about this already.

So let me wish you all a  very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time with your family. Enjoy every minute because time with them is a gift. Enjoy the good food and the peaceful time to relax and do whatever you want to do in the time between years. Enjoy the weather…if you havent got snow yet or also if you have lots of it. Focus on the moment.



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September walk

A Saturday in September. The Autumn is already here…the leafes are changing. Green turns into red, yellow, orange and brown. Not long until they die and cover the grass, the earth. The grass is moist and you can feel the winter coolness in the air.

Wrapped up in warm clothes we went out to have a walk at the Ohlsdorf Cemetery , which is really a special place here in Hamburg. A place I really love. It is a very unique atmosphere there, a calm and peacefulness, which is really comforting. The cemetery is a huge area and it is also “the world’s largest park cemetery”. You can see so much impressive graves and mausoleums amongst the most stunning nature. It is opened since 1877 and there are :

  • Twelve chapels
  • Three museums
  • Graves of soldiers from more than twenty nations
  • Inside the cemetery’s there is a 17 km road where traffic is permitted
  • It has magnificent trees and old rhododendron bushes
  • Sculptures of angels
  • Ponds

I love walking beside those Graves’ reading the epitaphs and imagine how those people were like as they lived. Which clothes they would have worn and if they were happy in their lives or not. If I could, I would ask them so many questions to see if life during all those years and centuries changed or if the essentials and every day problems stood stable and pretty much the same. I am amazed by all of those Angel Sculptures as they add something mystical& spiritual to this place of peace.

I am fascinated by all sorts of Cemeteries. I like the silence there and the fact that you can simply stay there for days  and you still would  have so many things to look at! I loved the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague and I cant wait to visit the Highgate Cemetery someday as it must be the most sensational place to be. Imagine all those people and all those stories about those people-famous or not!!! 🙂 Brilliant.

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