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September walk

A Saturday in September. The Autumn is already here…the leafes are changing. Green turns into red, yellow, orange and brown. Not long until they die and cover the grass, the earth. The grass is moist and you can feel the winter coolness in the air.

Wrapped up in warm clothes we went out to have a walk at the Ohlsdorf Cemetery , which is really a special place here in Hamburg. A place I really love. It is a very unique atmosphere there, a calm and peacefulness, which is really comforting. The cemetery is a huge area and it is also “the world’s largest park cemetery”. You can see so much impressive graves and mausoleums amongst the most stunning nature. It is opened since 1877 and there are :

  • Twelve chapels
  • Three museums
  • Graves of soldiers from more than twenty nations
  • Inside the cemetery’s there is a 17 km road where traffic is permitted
  • It has magnificent trees and old rhododendron bushes
  • Sculptures of angels
  • Ponds

I love walking beside those Graves’ reading the epitaphs and imagine how those people were like as they lived. Which clothes they would have worn and if they were happy in their lives or not. If I could, I would ask them so many questions to see if life during all those years and centuries changed or if the essentials and every day problems stood stable and pretty much the same. I am amazed by all of those Angel Sculptures as they add something mystical& spiritual to this place of peace.

I am fascinated by all sorts of Cemeteries. I like the silence there and the fact that you can simply stay there for days  and you still would  have so many things to look at! I loved the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague and I cant wait to visit the Highgate Cemetery someday as it must be the most sensational place to be. Imagine all those people and all those stories about those people-famous or not!!! 🙂 Brilliant.

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