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Following a new path

By picking a Word for the whole Year of 2011 I find myself in the middle of a process. The word I have chosen is DEVELOP.  This word is growing in my mind and thoughts after I selected it. I was surprised that this word really made me think…What does this word exactly mean and how can it fit in my life? Does it really have to fit or can and shall this word be a great chance to follow a new path in my life?

The Dictionary I’ve asked told me this about the word DEVELOP: “The verb DEVELOP has 21 senses” , which really surprised me.:) Here are a few meanings that I liked a lot and which surly help me to follow this new path of mine.

  • make something new, such as a product or a mental or artistic creation
  • work out
  • gain through experience
  • grow emotionally or mature

The best chance to develop as a person is of course education if you ask me. So my first step was to scan through a program of adult evening classes and I really found some classes that really caught me.  I signed up and I got the acceptance for the courses I ve chosen today. What a happy Girl I am now.=) Now for the courses I have picked:

  • I start to dance Ballet again. I am so happy about it.:) I had a huge break (nearly 5 years) and I always miss not being able to dance. So I decided its more than time to take classes again.
  • Learning to patchwork and make my first own Quilt in February. Hope it will look as beautiful as this one:

I dont own this picture

(I found this pic on: http://quiltstory.blogspot.com/2011/01/absolutely-little-girls-quilt.html )

In May I start to work out with the NIA technique I am so curious to try that. It’s a whole new way of working out and I am more than ready to get fir again!:)

This is my new path, which I am following over the next months. I am so ready to try out all these great and different leisure time experiences and I surly let you know how I am doing and also how I DEVELOP. 🙂

Tell me what you think and leave a comment! 🙂



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