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(NEW POST) Surprise Parcel From The United States

This Blog post is dedicated to the most wonderful Janet. 🙂

I know her since my very first days on Twitter and she always been kind, caring and understanding and that whilst she has a family to manage, a job and all sorts of artsy things to do.  She always checks if I am alright and wants to know what I am up to and that while she has a very rough time this year! You are really an awesome person and it is a pleasure to know you!!  Someday we will see each other and I am totally looking forward to see you in real life! Until then I really treasure our friendship and hold you close to my heart! 🙂

Thank you for your lovely letter and the BURT’S BEES Lip Balm!!! You know that I really love them and it I value that you remembered my tweet about them a while ago! Mighty BFF quality! 😀


A Big Hug To You, My Sweetheart!!! 🙂

Thank you*Linn

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Thank you TWITTER

Thank you Twitter for let me get in touch with so many nice people. People from all over the world. Every Person so fun and unique.

Because of Twitter, I got to know Andrew , the positive, polite and fun chap on the Isle in the Channel. Who loves to read as much as I do, loves movies and good food. Without Andrew, there wouldn’t be this blog. Thank you Andrew for being so wonderful, charming and encouraging as you are.

Because of  Twitter, I learned a bit more about Genealogy and how fun it is to search for Family roots. I found out how the life near the Yorkshire Dales is and I am so much in love with the landscape that Mike calls his home.

Because of you Twitter my repertoire of baking recipes growed and is still growing. Thank you Emma for your love of all sorts of baking. You really make me want to try and bake more. Your recipe of the Crispy Mars Cake- heaven!! I am glad we are in the same “drooling club”: Alex O\’ Loughlin and love all sorts of Cath Kidston.

Because of you Twitter, I know that they have fun looking umbrella-holder in Shopping centers in Japan and I found out that some of the guinea pigs in this world are grand-pigs and love to relax under Laptops. I got surprised and fascinated by astrology and pictures of the moon. Thank you  Adele aka my Gilpy for all the fun things in your life.

Because of you Twitter, I learned that pigeons make a perfect and cheap roasted Dinner. I watched you changing and have been introduced to some wicked singer/ songwriters from the UK. Someday I so want to join you on your shooting tour, Rachael. Thank you for being awesome and a completely wonderful YOU.

Because of you Twitter I got teached and feel more familiar with the British lifestyle. I got to know a strong woman, who owns a beautiful old house. Found out that there is always another fun and stylish haircut out there. Always sweet, caring and polite. A God-mom like myself. You are a truly Lady: Cate .

Because of you Twitter, I got inspired by the lovely Amber . Through her I am now a Scrapbooker and Crafter. Really surprisingly as I never thought something creative could ever by a hobby of mine. Maybe sewing is next-who knows?! 🙂 Thank you for your open spirit and your uncomplicated behavior you made crafting and creating look so fun and easy. Do-able. Your love for crafting always shines through you and is truly inspiring! Perfect!

Because of  Twitter I get to know a former Model and Carer of people. I am more a Magazine reader because of you. Thank you Rowena for the way you see things. For having “great-minds-think-alike” moments with me.

Because of Twitter, I really, really want to visit New York. Want to “smell” the special spirit and feel the heartbeat in the City of Cities. “If you only be a visitor the City of NY is a great host.” Thank you  Janet that this NY vibe is touchable in your tweets. Thank you for always checking on me. You are the bomb-and always up to something new. Cooking adventures, photography experiments…Keep ’em coming Girl!

Thank you, you wonderful people, who tweet with me since more than over a  1 year. Thank you for finding a Picturepostcard exchange not weird nor obtrusive rather than fun and agreed to a joyful sending of Christmas Cards as well. I could even tasted a piece of United Kingdom, because of the sweets exchange with Adele and a goodie box exchange with the dearest Cate. 🙂

There are a lot more people, I tweet with. Charming and fun too but those above are special, because they becoming friends in real life more and more.

Thank you for all your love and support but mostly THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU:

Adele, Andrew, Amber, Cate, Emma, Jane, Mike, Rachael and Rowena.

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