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(NEW POST) CRETE.A Week Of Summer Sun And Birthday Fun!


I wrote this blog post whilst sitting on our wonderful porch in the shade. The air is heated and every now and then the wind weaves from the ocean to cool your sweating body. When I look up from my sketchbook I see the deep blue of the ocean and a small deserted island in the front and parts of the Cretan mainland further behind. There are lots of  hills in this area. Some rough and stony. Some overgrown with heavy green trees. The air is filled with the noise of thousand of cicadas.

This year me and my twin-sister Kirsten got stuck with the idea of celebrating our birthday together. It has been some years since we did and we thought it was about bloody time to rock a proper Twin Birthday again!

It happens that the twin-sister and her Girlfriend rented a seafront, self catering villa for two weeks on the Isle of Crete and asked me and my Mister to stay one week over our birthday and that’s what we did! 🙂

It is the first time I am in Greece and I was rather excited to arrive at Heraklion Airport after a 3,5 hours flight from Hamburg. ironically it was 2 degrees “cooler” in Heraklion then it was back in Hamburg! We rented a car at the airport and drove from the East of Crete to the West. Left Rhetymnon and Georgioupolis behind until we reached the village of Kalives. The Crete way of driving is, well… special to say the least! 😉

Our Villa was located between the villages of Kalives and Almerida. An area with no hotels instead of a lot of rental houses and appartements. Not too touristy at all.

We spent a lot of time at the Casa, admired the sea view and the freshness of the pool. Much needed feet up time in the shade catching up on a book or magazine. The Food in Crete is amazing!! All the extra portion of sun makes the fruits and vegetables tastes extraordinary good!!! The ones you get in your local supermarket at home cant conquer at all!! Pity that we are “back to normal” all to soon. 😦

During our week on Crete we day-tripped to the south of the Island with its sandy and lovely beaches, visited the “Frankocastello”, had Lunch at a cute Restaurant near the Beach and cooled us down at an empty beach afterwords. We’ve visited the Cities of Rhetimnon and Chania. Lots of tourists in both Cities but beautiful nevertheless with its old Venetian Harbour and lot’s of narrow, romantic streets. All together we 4 were happy to be back at “our” mansion after all the touristic fuzz!

The thing, that I really can get used to?!  The Ouzo and dessert we always got after a wonderful grilled meal with Greek Salad. It comes for free and was always a mighty delight as you never knew what you would get! So good! Well and I could always get used to the splendid weather and the ocean being so near!

Loved being in Crete and I surly be back at some point in my Life! Thank you Kirsten& Cecilie for having us! 🙂

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Merry Christmas you all

My dear friends,  followers and people of the internet.

This season is one of my favourites of all time. It was such an exciting and happy time. We had snow here in Hamburg since the end of November and the feeling of real Winter was present all the time.  Some things are really different this year. As we had guests on the first of Advent, which we havent had before and we went to Advent gatherings to family and friends. We decorated early this year on the 1st of December instead of Christmas eve. What a jolly good time that was. The smell of brewing coffee, bakery and fresh made delights were overwhelming and so comfortable.

But the best cookie doesn’t taste if you eat it all alone. So the best thing of the Christmas season are gatherings…its cold outside and also dark and everyone is crowded together..around the warm and light places. At work, at home, at friends. It’s a special time where relationships are build and grow stronger and when people show each other how much they care for one and another. They write Christmas Cards to spread the love or do Charity to show people who havent got enough that there is someone out there who really cares.

Thats what makes it so special and that is what Christmas is all about: Spreading LOVE around the world..where you live and into the lives of so many people through social networks, letters, packages or through donating. The world is getting closer through this and it even lightens up! Thats what God thought as he made us  his favourite creation a very special gift. God became a child to show us how much he cares for us. He become one of us to get connected with us to serve us and teach us. God brought light into this world and we should remember that CHRISTmas is a time to celebrate the HOPE and LIGHT and LOVE in this world.

I am going to celebrate this Christmas with all of my family in the west of Germany. I am so looking forward to that as it is going to be the first Christmas where we celebrate with all “the kids” and there spouses at our grannies home. On second Christmas day me and my Mister drive up north to celebrate with his family before we leave for Norway on 27.12. Me, my twin-sister and our spouses are going to spend a whole week in a holiday house on a small island in the Fjord of Norway. Time to relax….reading a good book, playing games, watching movies and cooking together. Pure quality time. I am really excited about this already.

So let me wish you all a  very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your time with your family. Enjoy every minute because time with them is a gift. Enjoy the good food and the peaceful time to relax and do whatever you want to do in the time between years. Enjoy the weather…if you havent got snow yet or also if you have lots of it. Focus on the moment.



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