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(NEW POST) ROADTRIP ENGLAND. PART 1. “Birmingham. A famous Bull and an epic Curry!”

Monday October 1st  was the day I was BACK IN LONDON! 🙂 This time me and the Mister headed over via Ryan Air so we arrived very late at night. (From Bremen it is either very early in the morning or late in the night!)

After a good night rest at Travellodge Stanstead we were ready to start our first Roadtrip England!  Not only did we visit different Towns and Cities in the United Kingdom during the 5 days but we had the pleasure of meeting up with some lovely people from Twitter as well. Some we have already met back in May and some we met for the very first time.

First stop on our route was after 2,5h car ride the City of  Birmingham. aka Brum

We met up with the lovely Helen for the first time at her place. After we had some Tea and a bit of chit-chat we took our rented car and drove to the city center for some proper sightseeing ! Oh but before that we had the pleasure of driving through the famous “Spaghetti Junction”, which was really impressive. Take a look!

The weather was semi okay. Lots of rain but we had a lot of fun with our local Brum- Girl Helen aka @pinkgoddess strolling around Birmingham. We were really lucky as it was Helen’s day off so plenty of time to get to know each other beside typing all day long on Twitter! 😉

Birmingham was after London and Manchester the third City I have visited in England. Really liked the mixture between the old and new buildings but more than that I love the accent!!!! Really like the sound and melody! 🙂

Quite some time and a hearty lunch later we were back in the north of Brum.  Helen’s Mister Rhys aka @mauvedeity was about to come home from work so we dropped Helen of at home before we met up again. Me and the Mister checked into Travellodge, which was literally 3 minutes from their home! 😀

Half an hour later we four had the arms full of drinkies and walked up to the Curry Place “Balti Garden”. where we wanted to have Dinner. It was such a joyful time. Lots of yummy good food. Great laughter and stories to tell.  We continued the drinkies and the fun stories at the Wilkin’s Mannor! Nom nom. Always a pleasure to have PIMM’S with you Helen!! 🙂

Thank you so much Helen& Rhys for the brilliant time! We had so much fun with you and we cannot wait to see you again. Either in Hamburg or in Brum! 🙂

Lots of Love*Linn

Stay tuned for ROADTRIP PART 2! 🙂


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My first four days in London passed by so quick. I had so much fun in this beautiful city, meet great people, which I surly going to meet again and again.

I loved the whole London vibe. I was surprised that it wasnt too jam-packed with other tourists and that you never need to wait or que or something. One of the things I really loved is how polite the people of London are. There is always a “I am sorry”, or “my bad” or “thank you” in the air, which you never would hear in Hamburg. You could ask random people on street and they tried to help you out. When I write this I compare London with of course Hamburg, the city I live in but also to Paris, which I visited the first time last summer.

I also love the whole breakfast culture. We didn’t book breakfast at our hotel as Mike (friend from Twitter, which I met during the Subway Tweet up) recommended going out would be more fun and not so expansive. I loved going out for breakfast!! That’s something you would never do in Germany. We have our bakeries, sure but there you can only get simple sandwiches or paninis and Coffee. The “high-class breakfast” would be a hard-boiled egg, rolls and some cheese, ham and other roll toppings.  That’s basically it! No hot breakfast like the Full English or Grilled Ham&Cheese or Porridge. We don’t have cafe’s open this early either. Sad but true. That is something I would love to have over here.:D

We started our last hours in London by having a lovely breakfast at Patisserie Valerie, where I had the best porridge of my life! So good with Apples, Cinnamon, Nuts and a lot of Maple Syrup. Simply heaven in one bowl! 🙂

After that we just walked around the corner of Russel Square, where we visited the British National Museum. We didn’t take a big tour around just admired the great hall which really is stunning!!!

Whilst the Mister roomed around taking pictures I enjoyed myself at the Shop. I love gift shops you always find some nice things there! 🙂

Than of course came my personal highlight of the day! Across from British Museum there was a small Sass& Belle store! I nearly collapsed cause of all the cute Union Jack buntings and fabrics. They had everything Linn’s can dream off. Lipbalm hidden in a cute little Owl, cushions with the Union Jack, cute floral bags…too many to name them all! I was tempted to buy it ALL but then the Mister, who waited outside…Pastel color overload I guess 😉 just pointed on his watch…so I had to make it quick.

We hurried back to the Hotel, me totally cheerful cause of all the cute girly things I’ve got, grabbed our bags and started our travel back home to Hamburg.

Now, almost two weeks later. I totally miss London and all the people I have met!!!

I cant wait to be back soon. Me and the Mister are making up our minds these days when we will be back . It could possible be this year in Fall or Winter! 😀

See ya later Landaan Town!!!


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LONDON CALLING. PART 3. “…A Teaparty, A Teaparty!”

Ever since I was a Teen I loved reading books about Great Britain. I can’t tell where my fascination for this country came from. Maybe I thought it was a land from a different time, all the great things happened there in history. You know Stonehenge and the Saga about King Arthur all the tribal fights up there in Scotland. It was mysterious and fascinating for me.

As I grow older I loved biographies about Queen Elisabeth the I, and her competition with Queen Mary from Scotland. I fell in love with Bronte’s Novels and my heart is still filled up with the love for Jane Austen. I loved how in particular Jane Austen described the everyday life in her specific time and setting and I always dreamed of having a proper English Teatime sitting next to Emma Woodhouse (Character of Jane Austen’s novel “Emma”) or even having a proper mad tea-party like in Lewis Carroll‘s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“.

So as it became clear I would going to visit London me , my lovely Mister and the lovely Ladies Cate, Rachael and Adele decided not only we have to meet up but also we are going to meet up to have a fancy tea-party.

We met at Haymarket Hotel , which is near Trafalgar Square, around 1 p.m. to have a proper Afternoon Tea! I was so excited to finally meet those lovely Ladies, with whom I exchanged Christmas Cards and also goodie boxes over the 2 years I am on Twitter.

We ordered Tea, me and the lovely Cate shared a steamy teapot full of yummy breakfast tea (we like it strong, Cate. Do we? 🙂 ) and after a small while we were surrounded by trays of yummy goods: Fruit Scones, different types of Sandwiches, a variation of cakes and rhubarb dessert… So lovely and naughty!


After we enjoyed the delights, the good atmosphere and lots of laughter, we decided to leave Haymarket Hotel to stroll along the City.We passed Whittard’s Tea Shop and had a quick run through a brilliant 5 storey bookstore. The best was a little Girl singing “God Save the Queen” as me and Cate entered the Ladies Room! Priceless!!! 😀

We passed Piccadilly and walked along Oxford and Regents street. Got a few media Goodies at HMV until it was unfortunately time to say goodbye to the lovely Cate.

The rest of us hit the Pub where Rachael’s and Adele’s boyfriends  joined us. Having lots of laughter about sleeping in on trains, waking up in different parts of UK, instead of at home or hiking up Welsh mountains in your very own time filled the evening. At some point we all hit the bus and head to Kings Cross. Me and Kai wanted to see Platform 9 3/4 and Glen and Rachael needed to take the train from there. Adele and Adrian sticked with us and gave us a proper tour.

I loved being at Kings Cross. Such a stunning new building with great architecture! We found the “Platform”, which isn’t really a platform but nevertheless made my little Harry Potter Fan heart beat faster! Adrian insisted showing us the real point on Kings Cross where they shooted the scene to Platform 9 3/4. It’s always good to be on tour with a local! 😀

We had Dinner with Adele and Adrian at Wasabi’s Kings Cross before we said final goodbye’s.

That was such a long and great day spent with wonderful people, who I so want to meet again soon! Thank you Kai, Glen and Adrian for a wonderful day and Cate, Rachael and Adele for a wonderful tea-party! It was my first one and you know what they say about all things FIRST?! You will never forget them! 🙂

Thank you and lots of Love*Linn

Go here for more pictures of our London trip—–>  kaifriendly

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After having a lovely tweet up and partying hard with The Subways the night before we were ready to tackle our first day in London. Well, after a proper English Breakfast of course! 😀 We found a lovely little Italian Cafe near Russell Square with a great selection and ordered a full English! So good.

I am not going to bore you with the whole Tourista stuff we did. Instead you can take a look at the pictures we’ve made:

After about 8 hours of marching through the wonderful and stunning city we took a pit stop at our hotel. To have a bit of a feet up time before we left for Camden Town. We wanted to see The Dodge Brothers playing at  The Blues Kitchen, which was free if you hit the venue before 9 p.m.


We got ourselves a pint and settled in while the band got everything ready for their gig. At some point I was too excited to just sit there and so I worked myself to the stage to say “Hello” to Aly, a member of The Dodge Brothers, which I tweet with. It was epic and so much fun to see each other face to face. Lovely chap! The gig itself was my first ever Rockabilly gig and I really loved it! Was great fun!  Here is a vid of my fave Dodge Brothers song played at KoKo:

After the gig me and the Mister had a quick talk with Aly again and took this brilliant pic. Me and Aly have a great taste in glasses, dont we?! 😉

We left Camden after the gig, a bit boozed up and landed at the hotel around 1 a.m.

That was a pretty cool but also quite exhausting day rocking  around London, seeing all these sights I always wanted to see in real life and ended up in beautiful Camden Town!

Stay tuned to read about a very lovely Tea Party tweet up in my next blog post coming soon! 🙂


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London Calling. Part 1 “A Night to remember”

One night back in January, just before The Subways were about to start their recent tour I had the idea of not only seeing them live instead of making a whole trip out of it! The Mister joined in and glowed with enthusiasm and soon we booked our flights and hotel to spent 4 days in Britain’s capital in May.

Short after that every Subway Fan amongst my Twitter Friends knew we were coming to London and the lovely Mike booked a table and gathered us all at The Greens for a decent Subways Tweet Up.

In only 1 hour and 20 minutes we made it from Hamburg to London Heathrow. Dropped off our bags at the Lonsdale Hotel and headed towards Shepherds Bush to meet Alec, his wonderful wife Kelly, Darren, Matthew, Anna, Danny, Michelle and lovely Mike.


It was amazing and so much fun to finally meet all these people, you have been tweeting with every day for quite a while. It was also quite surreal to finally see them face to face. Hear their voices and see their mimic and gesture.

We had pints and enjoyed meeting each other as all of a sudden Billy Lunn from The Subways came down the stairs to meet us, which we havent expected at all. He joined in with a non alcoholic beer and had a chat with us until his phone rang and reminded him that he had an interview appointment.

Around 8 p.m. we hit the venue to see Royal Republic support The Subways 

and to meet the lovely Rowena and her friend Jordan. I know Rowena since I started tweeting two years ago. It was such a pleasure to meet her, having beers& shots together, laughing and partying whilst her hubby was on stage!


I even had a naughty smoke outside with the lovely Jordan, who turned out to be in Hamburg years ago for a school trip. The night ended way to quick and it was time to say “Good bye”.

Kai, Danny, Anna and me decided to wait for the band to come out after the gig and we really were lucky in the end. Talking and having a good laugh with Charlotte and Billy from the Subways and Rowena and her friend Jordan.


I cant wait to meet them all again. It was such an amazing time and I am already craving for more! Thank you so much for this special night girls and boys.

I LOVED  THIS NIGHT and I certainly will for the rest of my live!!  Special night with special people.


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