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On your marks. Get set. GO!

In January I wrote about following a new path in my life. During this year of 2011 I want to focus on developing myself and learn something new.  Filling  my spare time with some exciting classes. Now the time has finally come. Its is mid February and my courses are about to start.

The best course starts with a good preparation. That is something everyone knows. Right?! So for the Patchwork Class I went shopping at  Charlottas to get some nice fabric for my quilt and I have to admit it wasnt that easy. Standing in a tiny room between 7 woman and two Children. All around us shelves with fabrics all different and beautiful but I really lost focus. One of the shop assistant tried to help me to collect some nice fabrics but I am not sure if and how it will turn out on the quilt, which is going to be my first. After 1,5 hours in this small and super warm store I was slightly annoyed and really overwhelmed..well, I simply thought it would be more easy. Hm. In a store for sewing supplies I bought everything a sewer needs: scissors, tape measure, a thingy that helps you cut lines perfectly (yes, there are such great helpers out there.I would love to had that one as I was a kid in Kindergarten:)) lol and needles.

For my Ballet Class I had to dig deep into my wardrobe to find my old Ballet clothes.

Yep, I still got them as they are very precious to me. I also found a pair of new Ballet shoes but I don’t like them so well.They don’t fit that much so I prefer using my old ones even tough they don’t look that good anymore but on the other hand who really cares. 🙂 My last Ballet Class is 5 years ago so part of my preparation is also stretching. I love doing that. It’s very relaxing and not boring at all if you do it in front of the TV. I also got myself some help from The New York City Ballet which have some good videos on YouTube . I have their workout book at home too so it really helps a lot to reactivate your muscles. 🙂

These are my preparations for the Classes. The Patchwork/ Quilting Class starts tomorrow (15.2.) evening at 7pm and the Ballet lessons are going to take place every Saturday at 11am for the next 3 month.

Maybe some of you who read my post about “Following a new path” mind fully may ask what about the English Country Dance Workshop?! Right you are, I have to say. I didn’t miss that. The Course took place last weekend (12-13.2) but unfortunately without ME.  😦 I had huge pain in my back because of the physiotherapy treatment I get since a few weeks. I was really unhappy about the fact that I had to spent the weekend in pain and without entering the Class. I will have a one on one talk with the physiotherapy dude tomorrow, because on thing is for sure: I AM GOING TO THAT BALLET class this Saturday! So no new pain. End of discussion!

I will keep you updated about how the courses are going.:) If you have any questions or ideas of a new post please let me know. 🙂

Mucho love*Linn*

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