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When I think back about the day I spent in Oxford in the first week of October I can think of lots of students, great and old buildings and so many lovely cafès to have a tea and treats in. It was a very cold day so we hopped in and out of stores and book shops. I remember to sit at Waterstones and flipping through books. They have these cool places to sit in right on the Window ledge. Such a peaceful place to sit there surrounded by so many books in dark brown shelves. My personal dream.

Me and Kai walked through the city, which is a nightmare to park in by the way and it was such a lively day. Students buzzing around and I even could have seen younger pupils wearing their black school uniform and it would not have surprised me if I would have seen Harmoine, Ronald and Harry Potter amongst the Students. When you have read all the Harry Potter books and know which world J.K. Rowling describes in her books you’ll see it in Oxford. Such a very british place. We would love to visit some of the University Colleges which doubled as Hogwarts but unfortunately on that they were closed to the public. Very very sad! 😦

In Oxford I have eaten  Crumpets for the very first time, which made me very happy as I love trying new things. You know sitting at The Grand Cafe Central getting all warm again by sipping tea and eating these warm griddle cakes with lots of butter and jam. Finger licking good!! 🙂

We kept on strolling through Oxford. Visited the “Dickens and his World” exhibition ( dickens-and-his-world-exhibition-opens-this-saturday )

and did a few shopping. I went all squee after seeing the Cath Kidston Store  at Broad Street. After visiting UK this year for the 3rd time I finally got the chance to buy some of the lovely stuff. In the end I bought two bags and two long-sleeves. I would have bought it all. So cute with all the patterns and dots and lovely colors. We had Lunch at O’ Neill’s Irish Pub . Yummy  Burger and Chips and had a great time there as the staff really was awesome. It is lovely to hear when someone visited Germany and you can have a chat about it! 🙂

We spent the rest of the day wandering around, having afternoon Tea and visited the famous Covered Market Oxford before we relaxed in our Hotel Room.

I loved every minute in Oxford. Loved the “educational vibe” with all the students, colleges and college shops. I am amazed that the whole colleges are actual a part in the city, that isn’t the case with the most German Colleges/ Universities. Loved the britishness which lurks in every corner of the city. I could easily pack my bags and move to Oxford as it is very LINN- LIKE!! 🙂

Leaving you with some pictures!

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Lots of Love!


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