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This months box wasnt one with a “wow!” factor. I already knew the brands but the samples especially the BB Cream by AOK were new to me. I loved the smell of the tetesept bath salts and the magazine is quite nice too. Lets see how the Lush scrub soap and the concealer is going to be! All in all not too shabby but like I said not the WOW box!

Lots Of Love*Linn


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Look what I’ve got:

  • Full-sized Shower Gel by Fa– smells heeeaaaventlyyy 🙂

    • Fashion Magazine PETRA
    • Emery board by Catherine
    • Full sized Intensive hair care by Schwarzkopf
    • Luxury Skin Oil by Kalahari

  • Full-sized Deodorant by Fa

  • Schwarzkopf Shampoo Sample

I am totally pleased with this months box. I mainly love the wooden box in which the  Kalahari Skin Oil came. Such exquisite and thinly shaped wood. Great idea to use wood as package material! 🙂

I am still utterly amazed that you get so many nice Beauty Products  for 12,95 Euro per month! 😀 ROLL ON NEXT MONTH!!! 😀

Oh, if you want to see what I’ve got the previous months go here PINK BOX SEPTEMBER and here PINK BOX AUGUST 😀

If you are interested to order yourself a PINK BOX then go here:  http://www.pinkbox.de/ 




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Hello everyone!

A new month do arrive quick and so it is time for my second PINK BOX! I always get stupidly excited to see what it contents. I recognized that a lot of you liked my last PINK BOX POST, so I am not letting you wait any longer! Here is what I got for 12,95 Euro:


I really liked what I got. 🙂

The Lip Tint was a newbie to me. I saw them in stores for a while but hadn’t had the guts to try them (you know spending a lot of money on a product and you don’t know how it might turns out…) but know when it comes with the box I have the chance to try it  in the homely atmosphere of my bathroom. I am surprised and yet happy that the shade fit me really well. I am wearing them in the picture above. It’s decent and the color isn’t so intense so perfect to wear for office and everyday life activity. The tint stays on your lips even if you eat, drink or kiss! 😉 The only thing negative I find is that my lips dry out pretty fast so I had to use my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm quite often.

Also the Body Butter by the Body Shop was a highlight as it came full-sized (So came the NIVEA  Volume Sensation). Really a treat. I am going to try the Mascara by Amway as soon as my Max Factor is empty and looking forward how it turns out.

I really like getting in touch with all kinds of different brands and I love to be introduced to new ones and that is really a bonus with the PINK BOX. I am really curious to try the Beautycycle samples and maybe I will stick to it!  Will see!

And as there was a  The Body Shop 20% off voucher in the box I will browse their onlineshop to see if there is anything lovely to use it on!

My boyfriend got the Nivea Volume Sensation to try as his hair is much thinner than mine and it turned out pretty well. 🙂 So not only one happy PINK BOX user!! 😉

Looking forward to the one I’ll get in October! 🙂


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