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(NEW POST) ROADTRIP ENGLAND. PART 2. Coventry. A very good Butcher& a famous Castle

After spending a very fun time in Birmingham we grabbed our bags on Wednesday and headed to the City of Coventry. Me and the boy don’t have a routine when we discover a new city we just parked the car and strolled around, well after we had some very tasty breakfast at The Flying Standard. 🙂

I was amazed that there are so many timber-framed houses in the city. Looks very pretty and reminds me very much about a few German cities in which this old buildings are common as well.

One thing that was indeed a must as I worked out the route for our UK road trip was to visit @taylorsbutchers . If you are on Twitter please check him out. He is fun and friendly but what is more important he will make you drool over his pies, sausage rolls and all the goods he and his family produces since 1937  in their butcher’s shop located in Earlsdon, Coventry. So after we pretty much seen it all in the city center we head over to Earlsdon to “Taylors Butchers. We popped in and of course I hoped to see Stuart but unfortunately he was on his day off so we get to meet Stuarts dad, which is a very nice chap. Pretty much enjoyed having a small chat. I bet he was also quite impressed of the power of twitter. Thanks to twitter two Germans found their way into the Taylors Butcher. We bought a few small pies and also some family sized ones to take with us to @RaeMck @baxterglen to have for Dinner. As you must have guessed it Rachael and Glen are fans of  Taylors as well. 🙂


We stored our goods carefully and continued our way to Bicester. Half way on the motorway we saw a huge castle on the left hand side and our spirit of discovery was roused. So we took the exit and found ourselves 20 minutes later in Britain’s Ultimate:  WARWICK CASTLE.

How I love to discover things without making plans in the first place!! We had an epic time at the castle. The weather was glorious and this castle is indeed amazing. Wouldnt be surprised to meet Merlin or King Arthur on the grounds. 😉 Sooo dont wanted to leave this cool place!

We met up with Rachael and Glen at around six at their place. Such a lovely evening we had. Munching Stuarts pies accompanied by a huge salad and some beverages! 🙂 Fun talks and stories and the time was passing by so fast.

We had a coma- like rest in Rachael’s and Glen’s guest room and Rachael made us a yummy breakfast before we left the house. Glen was already at work and Rachael was about to head to her workplace . Thank you so much for having us over night!! We are looking so much forward to see you again soon! 🙂

Me and Kai on the other had were ready for our next stop: OXFORD! 🙂

All about that in my next post! 🙂

Lots of Love*Linn


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This year is all about Twitter. I mean more than usual. 😉

This summer it happens that me and the lovely Mister booked our first vacation on Twitter!!! 😀

One of my friends from UK, Alan, who I really enjoy tweeting with has a daughter Lynzey who moved to Spain with her family several years ago to live there. She rents out a stunning self-catering villa called La Rosilla and that’s exactly were we spent 8 lovely days!

We flew from Hamburg to Madrid, rented a car and headed down south to the  Montes de Malaga Natural Park . Roadtripping at its best, I can tell you. 😀

Thankfully we’ve had aircon in the car as it was boiling outside with 40°C. Nothing like the rain and cold temperatures in Hamburg! It was such a relief for me to finally be in some summery enviroment I instantly feel relaxed. 🙂

After around 5 hours we reached the Villa. Such a beautiful place up in the Mountains! Me and the Mister decided to have a really relaxed stay at La Rosilla, which means every second day a sightseeing trip and the rest of the days we wanted to spend chillaxing and reading at the Casa.

We made our first day trip to the famous city of  Granada. Survived the queuing in front of the Alhambra and lost ourselves in all the history and old architecture that the Muslims build around 1492.

Beside this we have visited the city of Malaga and the stunning Cliffside City of Ronda and enjoyed the seaside at Playa de torre del mar! 🙂 Here are some pics for you to enjoy! 🙂

Enjoying a yummy Cafe con leche in  a Cafe in Malaga!

Almost at the end of our stay at La Rosilla we had a proper Tweet up with Lynzey and her husband on a really warm Spanish Night on the porch! It was really nice to chat about everything whilst enjoying a Cerveza! 🙂

The 8 days really went so fast but we really enjoyed ourselves. It wasn’t stressful at all and we did pretty well not doing too much. It was my first time on the Spanish Mainland and I must say I was really surprised about all the color shades of green and brown and yellow that the landscape has in store.  Andalusia has a wonderful vibe. Brilliant weather, great food and amazing cultural heritage! A place to visit for sure! 😀


If you like to see more pics visit my Misters Flickr page -> kaifriendly  🙂



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Roadtrip to the North Sea

These days in October been really busy so me and my handsome other half thought of having an extended weekend together on the seashore.

We packed our bags on Friday before midday and head south-west to the city of Emden. We had some really good CDs to listen and these few hours went by really fast. We went sightseeing  in constant rain in Emden before we drove to the city of Leer. Unfortunately the weather wasnt better but we had the chance to visit an Autumn Fair as we went through the city. That was really nice as I wasnt on a fair for a few years. We had a hotel room booked in Oldenburg were we stood from Friday evening to Sunday after breakfast. Nice room-brilliant breakfast. Nothing I had missed! 😀

Saturday was exciting as we planned to visit the Isle of  Langeoog . We left Oldenburg and the constant rain and drove up north to the Seaside. As we drove the sky got more and lighter and as we almost reached the ferry terminal the sky was blue and the sun was out. That was such a blessing I can tell. We were in high spirits and neither the big crowd (tons of mommies&daddies and kid’s prepared and ready to spent their autumn holidays on that Isle) who waited with us at the terminal could bring us down.

After 35 minutes the Ferry reached the Isle and we got on a small train (as the Isle is car-free) to the Center of the Isle. It was wonderful strolling around the Isle, enjoying this blissful weather and the wind. I so love the smell of the ocean and how the spray covers your skin! After a long walk at the shore we had a break in a small cute Cafe to have a very East Frisian tea ceremony. It was very lovely.

We took the last ferry back to the mainland and headed to Jever the City with its famous Beer. We had a lovely Dinner at a restaurant after we went on a walk through the city centre.

Sunday we finally had some time to walk through Oldenburg and it really is a lovely city with a lot of old buildings. Liked it very much there. On our way home we made a stop in  North Germany’s biggest orchard I simply love being there. The river Elbe isn’t far and its a very special climate and vibe there. We bought some fresh apples and pears before we head back home.

Here are some pics of our trip! Enjoy!! 🙂 And tell me what you think! 🙂

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