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LONDON CALLING. PART 3. “…A Teaparty, A Teaparty!”

Ever since I was a Teen I loved reading books about Great Britain. I can’t tell where my fascination for this country came from. Maybe I thought it was a land from a different time, all the great things happened there in history. You know Stonehenge and the Saga about King Arthur all the tribal fights up there in Scotland. It was mysterious and fascinating for me.

As I grow older I loved biographies about Queen Elisabeth the I, and her competition with Queen Mary from Scotland. I fell in love with Bronte’s Novels and my heart is still filled up with the love for Jane Austen. I loved how in particular Jane Austen described the everyday life in her specific time and setting and I always dreamed of having a proper English Teatime sitting next to Emma Woodhouse (Character of Jane Austen’s novel “Emma”) or even having a proper mad tea-party like in Lewis Carroll‘s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland“.

So as it became clear I would going to visit London me , my lovely Mister and the lovely Ladies Cate, Rachael and Adele decided not only we have to meet up but also we are going to meet up to have a fancy tea-party.

We met at Haymarket Hotel , which is near Trafalgar Square, around 1 p.m. to have a proper Afternoon Tea! I was so excited to finally meet those lovely Ladies, with whom I exchanged Christmas Cards and also goodie boxes over the 2 years I am on Twitter.

We ordered Tea, me and the lovely Cate shared a steamy teapot full of yummy breakfast tea (we like it strong, Cate. Do we? 🙂 ) and after a small while we were surrounded by trays of yummy goods: Fruit Scones, different types of Sandwiches, a variation of cakes and rhubarb dessert… So lovely and naughty!


After we enjoyed the delights, the good atmosphere and lots of laughter, we decided to leave Haymarket Hotel to stroll along the City.We passed Whittard’s Tea Shop and had a quick run through a brilliant 5 storey bookstore. The best was a little Girl singing “God Save the Queen” as me and Cate entered the Ladies Room! Priceless!!! 😀

We passed Piccadilly and walked along Oxford and Regents street. Got a few media Goodies at HMV until it was unfortunately time to say goodbye to the lovely Cate.

The rest of us hit the Pub where Rachael’s and Adele’s boyfriends  joined us. Having lots of laughter about sleeping in on trains, waking up in different parts of UK, instead of at home or hiking up Welsh mountains in your very own time filled the evening. At some point we all hit the bus and head to Kings Cross. Me and Kai wanted to see Platform 9 3/4 and Glen and Rachael needed to take the train from there. Adele and Adrian sticked with us and gave us a proper tour.

I loved being at Kings Cross. Such a stunning new building with great architecture! We found the “Platform”, which isn’t really a platform but nevertheless made my little Harry Potter Fan heart beat faster! Adrian insisted showing us the real point on Kings Cross where they shooted the scene to Platform 9 3/4. It’s always good to be on tour with a local! 😀

We had Dinner with Adele and Adrian at Wasabi’s Kings Cross before we said final goodbye’s.

That was such a long and great day spent with wonderful people, who I so want to meet again soon! Thank you Kai, Glen and Adrian for a wonderful day and Cate, Rachael and Adele for a wonderful tea-party! It was my first one and you know what they say about all things FIRST?! You will never forget them! 🙂

Thank you and lots of Love*Linn

Go here for more pictures of our London trip—–>  kaifriendly

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(New Post) Whats in your mug today?

Andrew a wonderful friend of mine is back after a blogging holiday. I am so happy that he is, cause I love to read his fine and humorous blog posts. So welcome back my friend!!:)

Maybe you ask yourself why is she going to tell us about that? Well, here comes the answer. Andrew wrote a post about whats in his mug daily and asked the reader about their favourite drinks. I decide to write a post about it instead of writing a comment.

So here comes my answer about what is in my mug today!!:)

To be honest. I can’t decide what I love more. I love drinking Coffee and Tea and there wouldn’t be a happy Linn out there if there wasnt enough Tea or Coffee.

Years back I had a Senseo Pad Machine. Well, that’s how I started drinking Coffee. It was a beginning but after the weeks went by I wasnt happy with the flavour at all. So I searched for something different. Some months passed and I found the old Grandma method. Using a Melitta coffee filter. That went pretty well and the taste was way better than from the Senseo.

Two years ago me and my Mister thought of trying to prepare our own Latte at home. So we bought us an Italian Espresso Can and some Italiano already grounded Espresso. That was good and really really tasty. We always had the Lavazza Coffee but then somehow we weren’t happy with the quality anymore. It really isn’t fun when you smell a huge acid flavour in your coffee. Bleurgh.

So there wasnt a chance that we got back to Lavazza again. We thought about certified Coffee and alternatives….to make a long story short. We bought our own small coffee grinder and fair trade coffee. Now we really are happy bunnys cause our Coffee tastes as it should taste. Not because its fair trade, well maybe 😉 but I think the key is grinding your own coffee before using. The smell is amazing and the taste….

I will leave you with that!:)

Now here comes the TEA part. I loved drinking Rooibos Tea Vanilla or Caramel flavour for years nothing else but that.  I was happy and fine with that. As I joined Twitter I heard a lot about Twinings  so I bought a box of Lady Grey Tea and felt in Love with this fine flavour. I never thought I would love black tea. I used to find the flavour too bitter for my taste but thanks to Twinings I adore it. Last weekend we got us two new boxes of  Twinings Tea. Green Tea and Fruit flavoured Black tea. Also some sort of Tea I never liked before but I am now trying.

I use to drink these Teas with honey and a bit of Lemon. Very tasty! Thanks to my wonderful Cate I got a fan of strong black tea as well. She sent me a box of

I simply love that Tea!! Thanks again for it honey!!:) I drink it with Milk and Sugar and its amazing. Really good. Someday I want to explore the Twinigs and Whittard Stores in UK and try so much more lovely Teas. :))

But now to YOU. Whats IN YOUR MUG  today? Write a blog post or leave a comment. 🙂 I would  love to know.



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