This months box wasnt one with a “wow!” factor. I already knew the brands but the samples especially the BB Cream by AOK were new to me. I loved the smell of the tetesept bath salts and the magazine is quite nice too. Lets see how the Lush scrub soap and the concealer is going to be! All in all not too shabby but like I said not the WOW box!

Lots Of Love*Linn


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When I think back about the day I spent in Oxford in the first week of October I can think of lots of students, great and old buildings and so many lovely cafès to have a tea and treats in. It was a very cold day so we hopped in and out of stores and book shops. I remember to sit at Waterstones and flipping through books. They have these cool places to sit in right on the Window ledge. Such a peaceful place to sit there surrounded by so many books in dark brown shelves. My personal dream.

Me and Kai walked through the city, which is a nightmare to park in by the way and it was such a lively day. Students buzzing around and I even could have seen younger pupils wearing their black school uniform and it would not have surprised me if I would have seen Harmoine, Ronald and Harry Potter amongst the Students. When you have read all the Harry Potter books and know which world J.K. Rowling describes in her books you’ll see it in Oxford. Such a very british place. We would love to visit some of the University Colleges which doubled as Hogwarts but unfortunately on that they were closed to the public. Very very sad! 😦

In Oxford I have eaten  Crumpets for the very first time, which made me very happy as I love trying new things. You know sitting at The Grand Cafe Central getting all warm again by sipping tea and eating these warm griddle cakes with lots of butter and jam. Finger licking good!! 🙂

We kept on strolling through Oxford. Visited the “Dickens and his World” exhibition ( dickens-and-his-world-exhibition-opens-this-saturday )

and did a few shopping. I went all squee after seeing the Cath Kidston Store  at Broad Street. After visiting UK this year for the 3rd time I finally got the chance to buy some of the lovely stuff. In the end I bought two bags and two long-sleeves. I would have bought it all. So cute with all the patterns and dots and lovely colors. We had Lunch at O’ Neill’s Irish Pub . Yummy  Burger and Chips and had a great time there as the staff really was awesome. It is lovely to hear when someone visited Germany and you can have a chat about it! 🙂

We spent the rest of the day wandering around, having afternoon Tea and visited the famous Covered Market Oxford before we relaxed in our Hotel Room.

I loved every minute in Oxford. Loved the “educational vibe” with all the students, colleges and college shops. I am amazed that the whole colleges are actual a part in the city, that isn’t the case with the most German Colleges/ Universities. Loved the britishness which lurks in every corner of the city. I could easily pack my bags and move to Oxford as it is very LINN- LIKE!! 🙂

Leaving you with some pictures!

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Lots of Love!


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(NEW POST) Girl Crush OR My Fave IT-GIRL

Apparently  an “It Girl” is the girl who EVERYONE wants to be. She has everything that you want so you tend to envy her. She does all the things that you can’t do so you grow to hate her. Being an “It Girl” is having the latest shits, (the best clothing and always stays fly) and the prettiest face. Her attitude can be fucked up or perfect like her looks. Her presence is always appreciated, ALL the guys Want her and ALL the girls want to be her!” (Urban Dictionary)

Ever since the movies of HARRY POTTER I adored the Beauty and Talent of Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger. Now as she grows older I admire her sense of  styling and how she changes her looks. Here are some pictures I like the most!
These are mostly pictures taken for Beauty and Fashion Shots. Some of them are take on the Streets.

I love that she not only is working on her Uni degree but also tries to get more into Fashion and Beauty World by being the face of Lancome  for example. I cant wait to see how she developes in the next years and how she is going to present herself further on. But for now I cant wait to see her in her recent movie “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”.

Have you already seen it? If so what did you think? What is your fave IT GIRL or BOY?? 🙂 Who inspires you by the way they dress/ act or make music?? Comment below 🙂



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(NEW POST) Lovely Tunes For Cold Days

I thought I wanted to share some of my fave songs with you. Songs perfectly for these cold days. Days with less sunshine and more wind and rain. I don’t know how about you but for myself this time of the year when Fall slowly turns into Winter I like to be at home. Enjoying the warmth of a hot cocoa or a tea. Snuggled up with a blanket or even better the boy and listen to songs. Mellow ones. Sometimes sad songs. melancholic Melodies.  But all beautiful ones.

What is your fave tune for cold days? Maybe it is one you hear every year during the Fall& Winter Season. I would love to know. Comment below!! 🙂

Lots of Love*Linn


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(NEW POST) ROADTRIP ENGLAND. PART 2. Coventry. A very good Butcher& a famous Castle

After spending a very fun time in Birmingham we grabbed our bags on Wednesday and headed to the City of Coventry. Me and the boy don’t have a routine when we discover a new city we just parked the car and strolled around, well after we had some very tasty breakfast at The Flying Standard. 🙂

I was amazed that there are so many timber-framed houses in the city. Looks very pretty and reminds me very much about a few German cities in which this old buildings are common as well.

One thing that was indeed a must as I worked out the route for our UK road trip was to visit @taylorsbutchers . If you are on Twitter please check him out. He is fun and friendly but what is more important he will make you drool over his pies, sausage rolls and all the goods he and his family produces since 1937  in their butcher’s shop located in Earlsdon, Coventry. So after we pretty much seen it all in the city center we head over to Earlsdon to “Taylors Butchers. We popped in and of course I hoped to see Stuart but unfortunately he was on his day off so we get to meet Stuarts dad, which is a very nice chap. Pretty much enjoyed having a small chat. I bet he was also quite impressed of the power of twitter. Thanks to twitter two Germans found their way into the Taylors Butcher. We bought a few small pies and also some family sized ones to take with us to @RaeMck @baxterglen to have for Dinner. As you must have guessed it Rachael and Glen are fans of  Taylors as well. 🙂


We stored our goods carefully and continued our way to Bicester. Half way on the motorway we saw a huge castle on the left hand side and our spirit of discovery was roused. So we took the exit and found ourselves 20 minutes later in Britain’s Ultimate:  WARWICK CASTLE.

How I love to discover things without making plans in the first place!! We had an epic time at the castle. The weather was glorious and this castle is indeed amazing. Wouldnt be surprised to meet Merlin or King Arthur on the grounds. 😉 Sooo dont wanted to leave this cool place!

We met up with Rachael and Glen at around six at their place. Such a lovely evening we had. Munching Stuarts pies accompanied by a huge salad and some beverages! 🙂 Fun talks and stories and the time was passing by so fast.

We had a coma- like rest in Rachael’s and Glen’s guest room and Rachael made us a yummy breakfast before we left the house. Glen was already at work and Rachael was about to head to her workplace . Thank you so much for having us over night!! We are looking so much forward to see you again soon! 🙂

Me and Kai on the other had were ready for our next stop: OXFORD! 🙂

All about that in my next post! 🙂

Lots of Love*Linn


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(NEW POST) ROADTRIP ENGLAND. PART 1. “Birmingham. A famous Bull and an epic Curry!”

Monday October 1st  was the day I was BACK IN LONDON! 🙂 This time me and the Mister headed over via Ryan Air so we arrived very late at night. (From Bremen it is either very early in the morning or late in the night!)

After a good night rest at Travellodge Stanstead we were ready to start our first Roadtrip England!  Not only did we visit different Towns and Cities in the United Kingdom during the 5 days but we had the pleasure of meeting up with some lovely people from Twitter as well. Some we have already met back in May and some we met for the very first time.

First stop on our route was after 2,5h car ride the City of  Birmingham. aka Brum

We met up with the lovely Helen for the first time at her place. After we had some Tea and a bit of chit-chat we took our rented car and drove to the city center for some proper sightseeing ! Oh but before that we had the pleasure of driving through the famous “Spaghetti Junction”, which was really impressive. Take a look!

The weather was semi okay. Lots of rain but we had a lot of fun with our local Brum- Girl Helen aka @pinkgoddess strolling around Birmingham. We were really lucky as it was Helen’s day off so plenty of time to get to know each other beside typing all day long on Twitter! 😉

Birmingham was after London and Manchester the third City I have visited in England. Really liked the mixture between the old and new buildings but more than that I love the accent!!!! Really like the sound and melody! 🙂

Quite some time and a hearty lunch later we were back in the north of Brum.  Helen’s Mister Rhys aka @mauvedeity was about to come home from work so we dropped Helen of at home before we met up again. Me and the Mister checked into Travellodge, which was literally 3 minutes from their home! 😀

Half an hour later we four had the arms full of drinkies and walked up to the Curry Place “Balti Garden”. where we wanted to have Dinner. It was such a joyful time. Lots of yummy good food. Great laughter and stories to tell.  We continued the drinkies and the fun stories at the Wilkin’s Mannor! Nom nom. Always a pleasure to have PIMM’S with you Helen!! 🙂

Thank you so much Helen& Rhys for the brilliant time! We had so much fun with you and we cannot wait to see you again. Either in Hamburg or in Brum! 🙂

Lots of Love*Linn

Stay tuned for ROADTRIP PART 2! 🙂


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I was really surprised as I watched TV the other day and saw Mr. Brad Pitt in an advert for CHANEL! I very much adore Chanel!!!

Currently I am wearing Coco Mademoiselle and I really love it.

“It has top notes of bergamot and orange; a heart of jasmine and “morning rose petals”; and a base of patchouli, vetiver, vanilla, and white musk.”  (source http://www.nstperfume.com ) The smell is smooth and floral. Sweet and sophisticated and it lasts the whole day! I am wearing Coco Mademoiselle for every day and it makes me feel wonderful.

For the special events I am wearing Chanel’s Chance! 🙂

After a few actresses (Keira Kneightly, Nicole Kidmann, Audrey Tautou)  have given their face for a CHANEL Perfume over the years the company tries something different!

CHANEL got actor Brad Pitt for the new CHANEL NO. 5 campaign!

For the campaign Chanel got director  Joe Wright  who also directed movies like Pride& Prejudice, The Soloist and the upcoming Anna Karenina. But now here it is.

Take a look and tell me what you think!!! 🙂




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Look what I’ve got:

  • Full-sized Shower Gel by Fa– smells heeeaaaventlyyy 🙂

    • Fashion Magazine PETRA
    • Emery board by Catherine
    • Full sized Intensive hair care by Schwarzkopf
    • Luxury Skin Oil by Kalahari

  • Full-sized Deodorant by Fa

  • Schwarzkopf Shampoo Sample

I am totally pleased with this months box. I mainly love the wooden box in which the  Kalahari Skin Oil came. Such exquisite and thinly shaped wood. Great idea to use wood as package material! 🙂

I am still utterly amazed that you get so many nice Beauty Products  for 12,95 Euro per month! 😀 ROLL ON NEXT MONTH!!! 😀

Oh, if you want to see what I’ve got the previous months go here PINK BOX SEPTEMBER and here PINK BOX AUGUST 😀

If you are interested to order yourself a PINK BOX then go here:  http://www.pinkbox.de/ 




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The last weekend in September I spent as a few of you already know in Helsinki.

It was not only my first trip ever to this beautiful City up north in Europe. It was also my first trip I did all by myself which makes it even more special. Sure I visited a few German Cities all by myself. I even moved into a few cities all alone but I actually never ever packed my bags and left for any foreign Country in which I havent been before. As you can imagine I was really, really excited to get ready for the trip. Every now and then whilst sitting in the bus driving to Hamburg Airport or waiting for boarding while sipping a Coffee I got that huge smile on my face and that thought in my mind ” I am really doing this”, which made me more than happy.

It only took a bit more than 1 h to fly to Helsinki and I am never going to forget this moment as the airplane flew out of the cotton clouds and you could see the Baltic Sea with so many small Islands before there was the mainland and the City of  Helsinki.  Another first was that I finally got to meet Heidi, which is the person I know since “there was the Internet” 😉 You know since back in the “Myspace” times we are friends. Around 10 years that must be! Not the closest but over the years we changed Social Networks and we also had major changes in our own personal lives, we also had times in which we havent wrote to each other for a while but we always stayed in touch. Now was the time to MEET! 😀

What can I say. It was an amazing weekend. I thought it would be way colder you know silly of me to think only if it’s “Up North” it  has to be much colder but it was the same temperature as in Hamburg. Oddly it felt actually a bit warmer in Helsinki. Heidi picked me up from the Airport and I was astounded that there was so much forest along the streets. Quite a shock when you come from a “crowded” City where there only are a certain areas filled with some woods. We dropped of my bag and went to the City! Strolled around before I had my first Dinner on Suomi ground, which was superb! Fresh Salmon, Mashed Potatoes and honey glazed veggies! We spent the Friday Night seeing Don Johnson Big Band which was very cool! It’s a Finnish band and me, Heidi and a friend of hers really had some fun. Some Blueberry shots with whipped cream were involved at some point as well 😛 … After the gig I got the chance to get a picture with Tommy Lindgren the main voice of the band and Elina a friend of Heidi’s.

After the gig we went into a Club, which name I can’t remember… The finnish songs always make me smile as I find it’s a fun language. I like the sound of it and it sounds even more fun when used in songs! Danced all the night away! 🙂

The Saturday started with a proper sleep in. We got ourselves wrapped up warm before we headed to the city center. We strolled around until we reached the harbour.

We took the Ferry to head to Suomenlinna , which is am amazingly large and intact Sea Fortress on an Island before the gates of  Helsinki. (Click on the name and the link brings you to the visitors page, which has a brilliant picture of the Fortress!)  Did you noticed that my name is in the Fortress’s name? I might even go back and claim it!! 😉 We walked along the impressive Fortress. There are a few houses on the island in which people live in during the year and you can even find a supermarket and a few Cafès. There is a long waiting list for people who applied to want to live on the Island. Just a info if you had that thought as well…

Hungry and a bit freezing we got home to Heidi’s where here boyfriend Saku prepared a lovely Salmon meal. The best I have eaten in a while! He mixed green pesto and a Russian sour cream and covered the Salmon with it and put into the oven to bake for around 1h. We had potatoes with it! Simple but yet sooo good! 😛

The next party was about to rise so we got dressed and headed back to town to party in Heidi’s fave location PERKELE. I met so many cool and funny people there and let me tell you the Finnish people know how to party HARD!! 😀 Shirtless men danced on top of everything. Headbanging hair everywhere and shouting and singing in the whole club!!  Hard rocking metal freaks who all of a sudden behave like perfect Gentleman if a “quiet” song was played. I got asked twice from different Finnish man if I they could have that dance with me. This memory really makes me smile because it was such a wonderful experience and totally unexpected for myself. Loved it!!! ❤

We were at Heidi’s somewhere around 5:30 a.m and grabbed a few hours of sleep before it was time for me to fly back home.

It was a perfect weekend! So much fun with people I barely know!!! Sexy people everywhere covered with lots of tattoos and pirecings!  The way the finnish celebrate and behave was unusual but very much my cup of tea!!!  I hope to be back at some point as there is so much more to see in this City! I can imagine how wonderful it must be during summertime when you have a proper Picnic at the Fortress Suomenlinna along with every other Suomi living in the city. The next time I am bringing more money, too!!  Helsinki turned out to be the expansive place I have ever been too!! It topped Cities like London, Oslo, Stockholm…

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Thank you again Heidi for having me. For showing me YOUR HELLSINKI!! It really was more than a pleasure!! 🙂


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Hello everyone!

A new month do arrive quick and so it is time for my second PINK BOX! I always get stupidly excited to see what it contents. I recognized that a lot of you liked my last PINK BOX POST, so I am not letting you wait any longer! Here is what I got for 12,95 Euro:


I really liked what I got. 🙂

The Lip Tint was a newbie to me. I saw them in stores for a while but hadn’t had the guts to try them (you know spending a lot of money on a product and you don’t know how it might turns out…) but know when it comes with the box I have the chance to try it  in the homely atmosphere of my bathroom. I am surprised and yet happy that the shade fit me really well. I am wearing them in the picture above. It’s decent and the color isn’t so intense so perfect to wear for office and everyday life activity. The tint stays on your lips even if you eat, drink or kiss! 😉 The only thing negative I find is that my lips dry out pretty fast so I had to use my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm quite often.

Also the Body Butter by the Body Shop was a highlight as it came full-sized (So came the NIVEA  Volume Sensation). Really a treat. I am going to try the Mascara by Amway as soon as my Max Factor is empty and looking forward how it turns out.

I really like getting in touch with all kinds of different brands and I love to be introduced to new ones and that is really a bonus with the PINK BOX. I am really curious to try the Beautycycle samples and maybe I will stick to it!  Will see!

And as there was a  The Body Shop 20% off voucher in the box I will browse their onlineshop to see if there is anything lovely to use it on!

My boyfriend got the Nivea Volume Sensation to try as his hair is much thinner than mine and it turned out pretty well. 🙂 So not only one happy PINK BOX user!! 😉

Looking forward to the one I’ll get in October! 🙂


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